If you are whiz at typing and looking for ways to monetize your skill, then we have news for you. There's not one, but several ways to making money from typing jobs. Excited? Wait until you hear the best part. For a lot of these jobs, you don't even have to step out of your house.

Yes, you heard that right. Not only can you make money, but you can make money sitting on your living room couch if you are a skilled typist.

Those who know even a little about online and work from home industry probably think we are talking about data entry jobs, which involve little more than blindly entering information in to a computerized database.

If you leave the quality of work out of equation, data entry is a valid means of making money online for people who are efficient typists. What's challenging is finding legitimate data entry jobs from the sea of scams swarming the Internet.

However, we are not talking about data entry here. We are talking about jobs that involve typing, but are not necessarily just about typing and here are a couple of such jobs:

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is an allied healthcare profession that involves converting voice recordings of doctor dictations in to written reports. The professionals who perform this job are called medical transcriptionists (MTs).

While a large part of an MT's job involves listening to taped dictations by doctors and other healthcare practitioners and keyboarding them on a word processor, that's not all they do. They first have to understand and interpret the dictations correctly, for which thorough knowledge of medical terminology is required.

They also have to edit and proof read the documents once they are ready and make sure the reports are free of any factual, grammatical or spelling errors. After the documents are transcribed, they need to be formatted into standardized styles.

According to payscale.com, medical transcriptionists can make $9.89 - $19.25 per hour.* Since the payment in the medical transcription industry is mostly made on per hour or per line basis, it's clear that the larger volume of work you are able to finish in a given timeframe, the more money you'll be able to make off it.

Being able to type fast is one, but not the only skilled required for this job. That's why attending a medical transcription school where you can pick up this and other proficiencies is probably a good idea.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance refers to providing administrative and clerical support to a client from a remote location, which in most cases is the virtual assistant's (VA) home. Virtual assistants are hired mostly by small business owners, executives or anyone who wants to reduce costs.

Virtual assistants are office administrators, personal assistants and secretaries all rolled into one convenient and efficient package.

But how does the work they do involve typing, you must be thinking. Well, just scan through the list of duties that can be potentially performed by a virtual assistant and you'll understand the importance of typing in their job:

1. Handling personal and official correspondence for clients.

2. Preparing reports, documentation, and presentations.

3. General, medical or legal transcription depending on the business.

4. Blogging and writing other types of Internet marketing content.

5. Writing website content and marketing collateral.

Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive and has been filtered to include tasks that involve typing. A virtual assistant's work can be and in fact, is much more extensive than this. And what can you expect to get as a VA in terms of wages? Payscale.com data indicates a cool $19.20 per hour.** Now that's a strong reason, if any, to start working on your typing skills!




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Nancy is a 36-year old stay at home mom of two. She worked as a medical assistant for five years before taking a break to be with her children. Her experience as a medical assistant gave her valuable insights in to the medical billing and coding industry, which she likes to share with others through her writing. Medical billing and coding programs often find mention in her writings. Her expertise in Medical billing and coding training stems from her extensive research on the subject.

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