However you want to do your nails—whether you want extravagant nail art, a bright red polish, or just plain trimmed ones, it is important to have a set of healthy nails. Nail buffing has always been a crucial step in keeping the nails strong and healthy. It also makes for a perfect foundation to set nails for art, lacquer and more.

Basically, nail buffing is polishing the nails using layers of grit to make the appear shinier. It is different from nail filing, although the two are usually associated with one another. Nail filing mainly focuses on the shape of the fingernails while nail buffing works mostly on the surface of the nails.

Types of Nail Buffer

  • Buffing blocks. The most common type used in nail salons, buffing blocks have four or three surfaces where every surface has a different level of coarseness.
  • Buffing discs. It is similar to buffing blocks but it only has one surface. It has a fine grit usually used for polishing the nail bed to make it look shiny.
  • 3-in-1 buffer board. As its name suggests, this has three parts: buffer, emery board and polisher. It usually comes in an elongated shape in varying lengths and sizes.

Benefits of Nail Buffing

  • Better bonding of polish. Buffing the nails make them look and appear healthier, allowing the surfaces to bond with the product for a longer period of time.
  • Improve circulation. Nail buffing increases blood circulation in the nail bed, making it healthier and stronger. Weak circulation in the nail beds can cause them to easily get damaged and break or chip off.
  • Increase growth rate. Professionals have proven that buffing the nails makes them grow faster. This is believed to be a result of improved blood circulation.
  • Prevent yellow nails. Putting vibrant colors on your nails leaves a stain. Buffing fixes the nail surface and prevents it from staining while leaving a smoother surface.
  • Smoothen surface. Before putting any kind of product on your nails, they need to have a smooth surface. This makes coats and polishes easier to apply.

Best Nail Buffers for 2022

  • Onsen Professional Nail Buffer. A 3-side block, this nail buffer evens, polishes and buffs. Each of its sides are reusable because of the available replacement pad strips.
  • TsMADDTs Nail Files and Buffer. This is a sponge with a sand surface of 120 grit and is great for both home and salon use. It comes in 6 different colors.
  • MARYTON Nail Buffer Sanding Block Polisher. This 3-way block has a 60/60/100 grit that can buff acrylic, false and powder-dipped nails. It is lightweight and washable.
  • HNYYZL Nail File and Buffer. This buffer is a multi-action 4-step sponge block that polishes the nails for a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File. Each side of this buffer has a different purpose to complete the nail session: files, buffs, smooths and shines.
  • Karlash Nail Mini Orange Buffer. These are 130 small orange blocks designed to use before applying polish or lacquer to make them last longer while smoothing edges.
  • Sanluba Acrylic Nail Files and Buffer Set. With 3 sides of 80/100/100 grit, this lightweight buffer can be used for fake, acrylic and natural nails.
  • You do not have to buff your nails every time you get a manicure or a change of polish. Doing it once every month should be enough. Buffing them too often can have negative results and impair the strength and growth of your nails.

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