Now that marijuana is being legalized in a growing number of countries and states, our relationship with this power plant is evolving and flourishing a little more quickly.

What was once kept in hidden, airtight containers can now sit on the kitchen counter—even next to cooking and baking ingredients. So what are the most popular tasty and healthy cannabis-infused food these days? Here are 10 of the best marijuana edibles foods that we can recommend.

1. Cannabutter. With the right quality of weed and a good mix of butter and water, you can make the best butter that your marijuana will allow. Combine this with your other recipes for the best possible cannabis-infused snacks.

2. Canna-oil. During the heating process, THC is released into the oil. Oils with higher fat content absorbs the most THC from the plant, making it more potent. Coconut and olive oil have higher fat content compared to canola.

3. Pot brownies. Gooey and fudgy pot brownies are some of the easiest and tastiest recipes that you can make with pot. Simply combine high quality weed with your favorite brownie mix from your local grocery store and you’re good to go!

4. Granola bars. Chewy and crunchy, granola bars offer so many customization options. Not to mention they’re a good snack option as well. You can go with classics like nuts and chocolates or more exotic ones like ginger and cranberries.

5. Mac and cheese. The crusty top and the creaminess underneath of the mac and cheese make it the ultimate comfort food. Combine with your favorite kind of cheese and veggies.

6. Peanut butter cookies. Marijuana-infused peanut butter cookies are another crowd favorite. This is a great snack that you can share with your marijuana buddies. Who can resist a good dose of peanut butter?

7. Chocolate-dipped strawberries. Strawberries dipped in marijuana-infused chocolate make for a sexy dessert that will take you to new heights. The glaze is usually made with melted chocolate and canna-coconut oil. These are great for sharing.

8. Coconanaberry smoothie. Marijuana-infused smoothies are a dream come true for weed lovers. This is a tall glass of frothy-blended vegetables and fruits combined with key ingredients that were sautéed in canna-coconut oil.

9. Thai iced tea. Two of today’s most popular summer drinks are Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea. The creaminess and smoothness of condensed milk combined with the calming buzz of cannabis is a great combination for any hot day.

10. Blondies. If you are someone who avoids sugar and gluten, this is the perfect cannabis-infused food for you. You can take these mini muffins everywhere (even at high altitudes) and get a decent dose of THC.

The wide variety of healthy and tasty marijuana-infused food ensures that you’ll find the best one for your specific tastes and needs. Just make sure that you properly dose your edibles—especially if this is your first time trying them. You don’t want to experience the anxiety and panic of having a little too much, too fast. Remember that the high from an edible takes time to have an effect on the human body, so go low and slow.

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