The word 'detox' has become more mainstream over the last few years. Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day, including from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the cleaning products we use. The purpose of a detox is to rid the body of these harmful chemicals and substances.

If you have never done a detox before, you may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of detox-related products there are available. There are full body cleanses, hangover recoveryremedies, juice cleanses, weeks-long detox programs, and short-term cleanses. However, the truth is that you can detox your body with just the food you eat. There are certain foods that help you detox naturally and are easy to cook with.

What is Natural Detoxing?

Natural detoxing is when you assist the body with the detox functions it already has. The body gets rid of toxins regularly via the kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, lungs, liver, and intestines. However, these systems can be compromised due to a poor diet, a medical condition, alcohol addiction, or other reason. A natural detox consists of eating and drinking products, whether to fix hangover or get more energy, that help your body's ability to get rid of toxins that have built up.

How to Naturally Detox the Body with Food

Foods that are rich in nutrients help support all of the body's systems, and particularly those that flush toxins out. Whenever possible, eat organically, as this automatically cuts down on the amount of toxins exposed to your body. However, you should focus on including detox-friendly foods into your diet on a regular basis, especially if you are having health issues or are feeling sluggish. You can also assist a natural detox with a cleanse such as mega clean

Best Foods for Detoxing

Some of the best foods for detoxing include:

*Algae: These greens come from salt and fresh water sources. Chlorella and spirulina are two of the most nutrient-dense foods out there. They support the body in getting rid of heavy metals and other toxins. Add them to a smoothy or dressing.

*Spices: Ginger and turmeric are great for detoxing. Ginger can be incorporated into numerous recipes, and turmeric should be taken in tea form or added to healthy fats to improve absorption.

*Broccoli sprouts: These contain sulforaphane, which helps eliminate toxic substances. They can be added to salads and sandwiches or incorporated into a soup.

*Apples: Apples help with liver detoxification. Not only do they help eliminate toxins, but they also help to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

*Beets: Beets also help the liver eliminate toxins. Along with being packed with nutrients, beets are also high in fiber, which is necessary when eliminating toxins.

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