Research has shown that stress can lead to depression. People who are always stressed experience a decrease in endocannabinoid production which relates to cognition, emotion and behavior. It has been shown that introducing supplemental cannabinoids reduces the symptoms of depression. In other words, cannabis edibles can help treat depression – you just have to find the right strain for your specific symptoms.

Depression manifests itself in several ways (i.e. lethargy, helplessness, and lack of motivation) and its impact can affect beyond the individual. Their partners and children can adopt some of the characteristics of depression, making it a contagious disease. The good news is that there are various cannabis strains that can help cure depression. Depending on the symptoms of the individual, there is an ideal strain that can give you the intended outcome.

When treating depression with marijuana edibles, it should be noted that high THC doses can worsen the patient’s depressive symptoms and lead to hyper-activity and paranoia. Therefore, first-time users should first try strains with low or moderate THC levels. At the very least, they should have a CBD backup to tame the discomforts brought about by high amounts of THC in a body. Get started with these five strains.

1. AK Cherry Lime – Giving a powerful cerebral high and a calming body high, this potent strain gives a high that lasts for three hours or more, depending on the user’s tolerance. Its stimulates the appetite while easing discomfort and pain.
2. Blue Dream – One of the most popular stains, this sweet blueberry cross gives an uplifting high followed by a gentle body high. This is great for depression because it replaces stress and pain with socialization and creativity.
3. Glass Slipper – This strain comes very fast and stays for hours, promoting a relaxed mind without any anxiety. It primarily gives a cerebral high, and can flatten out users who take above-recommended doses of this strain.
4. Lemon Skunk – A favorite of many users, this strain eases anxiety and promotes sociability. This is great for evenings at home with close friends. It is especially beneficial in pain reduction, appetite promotion, and body and mind relaxation.
5. Sour Grape – This is a 50/50 hybrid that gives a calm mind and relief from pain without affecting productivity. This is a great strain to relieve common depression symptoms like nausea, anxiety, stress and lack of appetite.

The relationship between depression and marijuana edibles is quite complex; at times the latter can exacerbate the current symptoms, while other times it can actually be of help. Even though research on cannabis as a depression sure is still limited, there are already studies suggesting that cannabinoids play an important role in determining a person’s sense of well-being, which is a contributing factor to depression.

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