The explanation of the concept makes it easier to understand how every type of essay actually works. To choose the relevant and also interesting topic for your essay is as important as getting good grades for your degree. Following the inspiration for an essay is the main consideration in selecting a perfect topic for an essay. The same would be true while composing a Write My Paper task on cause and effect. This really is the easiest form of research study you can create within hours.



If you will choose an inappropriate topic then you won’t be able to grab your audience’s attention for so long. This might happen that your Essay Writer will lose interest in the middle of your paper and leave your paper unattended. In this tutorial, you will be provided with different cause and effect topics for your essay. Such topics are basically helpful for the college students that are undergraduates or are about to apply to other colleges or universities. It is not necessary that you will be having exactly the same topics for your upcoming task but as you will practice more then it will be easy for you to attempt any topic. 

Best prompts for cause and effect essay

  1. What are the causes of not having breakfasts?
  2. What are the consequences of staying up late in the night?
  3. What are the negative effects of poverty on the overall performance of the country?
  4. What causes a volcano to erupt?
  5. Define some causes and effects of climate change or global warming?
  6. How non-profit institutions affect local markets?
  7. How video games increase your intelligence quotient (IQ)?
  8. What are the consequences of having severe depression?
  9. What causes anorexia?
  10. What will be the effects of legalizing marijuana?
  11. What causes many comedians to have the illness of depression?
  12. Explain the effects of World War 1 and World War 2.
  13. What factors caused the American Revolution?
  14. What are the positive effects of using social media?
  15. What are the negative effects of using smartphones?
  16. What are the effects of irregular parenting on the children?
  17. Explain the negative effects of eating fast food.
  18. What factors cause a boost to higher immunity?
  19. Describe the primary causes of increasing crime rates in any nation.
  20. How long-distance relationships cause loneliness among couples?
  21. What factors are responsible for the greenhouse effect?
  22. What are the primary factors to be adopted for degrading greenhouse gases?
  23. How mentally ill people cause harm to their surroundings?
  24. How smartphones have impacted communication between people?
  25. Describe the effects of online businesses over the local manpower through a Paper Writing Service.
  26. What are the main effects of using advanced technology by college students?
  27. Does technology have helped mankind in a positive manner?
  28. Explain the effects of using excessive phone packages and unlimited data packages.
  29. What is the impact of pollution?
  30. What are the major impacts of increased oil prices?
  31. Explain the effects of obesity among youngsters
  32. What are the effects of bullying and how it can be controlled?
  33. What are the consequences of getting a low-quality education?
  34. What are the effects of having a strong resume?
  35. Explain the causes of red tapping
  36. What are the impacts of nepotism? How can it be reduced?
  37. How are eating disorders correlated with emotional instability?
  38. How getting promoted to a higher rank in a professional career leads to stress?
  39. How the depletion of ozone layers leads to disorders in humans?
  40. What are the causes and effects of racism?
  41. What are the effects of poor water supply in underdeveloped countries?
  42. Why are developed countries considered developed and underdeveloped as underdeveloped or developing? Explain in the light of any two countries, along with its causes and effects 
  43. How obesity leads to other physical problems?
  44. Explain the effects of demeriting the merit with respect to an educational career.
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