Solar energy installation is all about choosing the right system that can meet your needs and installing it at a suitable location. So, you need to know about the power requirements first for your home in order to install the perfect system. Nowadays, a 6.6kW solar system is suitable to be installed for a home having 4-5 members. For commercial purposes, the size may increase up to 15kW as well.

The best you can do in this regard is to contact a retailer first, ask about the system and requirements based on your location and number of sun hours there and then decide which option you’re going for. Solar Rebates also have a key role to play in solar installation. Let’s take a look at that as well.

Role of Solar Schemes in Solar Installation

There are two types of rebates, one is offered by the federal government while the other is given by state governments and these rebates vary from one state to another. So, do some research on how solar cashback schemes can help you and what amount will be paid by the government to help you install the solar system.

Some states also pay 60cents/kWh for the power generated byyour system in terms of rewards. So, neither you have to pay a penny in terms of electricity bills, nor you’ll be paying for using the solar system.This is because you are not only lessening the burden on the national grid but also making the environment clean by using a cleaner and renewable source of energy. So, make sure that you cash in this opportunity in order to have some discount (the government already pays for it to retailers) on the purchase of your system as well as in its installation.

Make Your System Efficient by Careful Installation

Once you’ve bought the system, you’re not supposed to install it anywhere you want because panels have to generate power by taking sunlight. So, select that part of the roof where the sun hours are the most. Besides that, the direction of panels matters the most, particularly when you’re in Australia where North and West Facing panels generate more power, but that also depends on which state you live in.

You also need to ensure that panels are not partially shaded, if that happens, they won’t be working to their full potential and ultimately the power generation will be less. Solar installations should also be such that no dust or snow keeps accumulating over the system all the time. That would restrict the panels from taking sunlight, making it impossible for them to work efficiently. So, just take all the factors into account and make your installation a better one for you in the long run.

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