A recent study shows that if you spend 30 minutes each day jogging, you will get a lot of benefits, such as reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome which can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. You need to make sure that your health are at the best state even if you are young.

As our living condition are developing rapidly, our demands come higher and higher, and urban sprawls limit our ability to jogging outdoors. However, you will not have to be worry because treadmills will help you to do this – not only save time and money but jogging proactively at home as well.

You may think that treadmills have no special features, but there are a lot of unbelievable benefits if you use a treadmill regularly. However, you should choose best treadmills for senior walking.

In this article, I will show you some of the common benefits user get from using treadmills every day.

1. Improving your health

Jogging have been chosen by many people because of its simplicity and efficiency it brings them. It helps your body to become stronger and stronger, strengthen your heart and lungs. In addition, jogging using treadmill also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by low blood pressure and increase your cholesterol level. In order to achieve all these things, you need to use the treadmill temperately, at least 30 minutes a day.

Regular exercises on a treadmill help you to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system, including muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. The treadmill creates a draft forwards your bones to help prevent age-related joint problems.

2. Reducing stress

Stress can cause many diseases, both physical and psychological. It makes you feel stressful, prevents you from meeting your deadline as well as greatly affects your health. When you jog, your body will produce hormones called endorphins that help you feel comfortable and relaxed, and alleviate depression symptom. If you are struggling with anxiety and stress, exercising on a treadmill regularly can reduce these symptoms.

3. Controlling body weight

The changes of the society make the changes in our diet. It becomes very oily, brings many toxic substances that we cannot control which leads to adipose. The amount of fat in your body is also not able to be controlled.

However, with 30 minutes of daily jogging on a treadmill can help people to control their body weight, especially people that do not have many time for exercising. On the other hand, if one spend 1 hour per day and 5 times per week using a treadmill, one will consume 1,500 cars per day and reduce 11kg per year. Jogging helps you to control your body weight healthily.

4. Prevent breast cancer

Women have a lot of things to do per day, from working in office from looking after family, so there is almost no time for them to take care of themselves. Participation in sports activities is also extremely limited. Instead of being too busy to go to gym, women now can jogging on a treadmill at home in their free time. Using a treadmill 30 minutes each day can help you to reduce the risk of breast cancer - one of the diseases with a relatively high incidence. Also, jogging can help your body to reduce excess fat and improve estrogen production, resulting in a nice physique.

5. Improving memory in the elderly

If your parents are entering the age of memory loss, giving a treadmill as a gift is the best option. Some scientific researches has shown that for the elderly group, just 45 minutes a week will help the elderly reduce the risk of Alzheimer. This also improve the alert of their brain.

6. Protecting bone system

Jogging 30 minutes per week, 3 times per week you can create a sustainable protection forwards your bone. It requires us to use up to 95% of muscles. And this process helps to make your bones stronger and firmer.


As you see, the benefits that using a treadmill every day are undeniable. And of course, there are also many other things that are not mentioned in this article. Temperately exercise on a treadmill and you will see what your body can do.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.