As the name implies, a follicle stimulator stimulates the hair follicle thereby promotes hair growth as well as reverses the process of hair loss. A follicle stimulator supplies the essential nutrients to the hair follicle and is considered as ideal treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. Besides nourishing the hair follicles, most follicle simulators also aid in stimulating the blood circulation to the scalp.

This is critical for follicle development because...the restriction of capillary blood flow "kills off" the papilla (root of the follicle). This generally what happens when DHT accumulates in the scalp resulting in pattern balding. So, one of the primary benefits of a hair growth stimulant is - if it contains Zinc PCA (an amino acid) and Copper Peptides to stop the pooling of DHT.

Pearl PowderTM is a powerful hair follicle stimulator, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because it is rich in antioxidants, calcium, amino acids, protein, zinc, Omego-3's, and B-vitamins, it strengthens hair and reduces environmental damage. Pearl stimulates hair follicles to help hair growth, and leaves hair thicker, softer, shiner and naturally healthy.

Key Vitamins & Minerals Needed For A Follicle Stimulator:

Calcium also plays a significant role in keeping hair in proper state. Calcium is one of the most vital minerals needed to ensure proper growth reproduction and maintenance of the body, and to stimulate hair growth, Calcium promotes cell growth and strengthens healthy growing hair. Pearl Powder contains high concentration of all natural calcium.

Protein - Your hair is composed of a protein called Keratin, if you don't get enough, you may notice thinning hair. Protein is critical for keeping your hair healthy. Pearl Powder is a complete protein.

Keratin is one of the most important proteins found in your hair. The essential protein helps nourish your hair by filling cracked, dry and damaged hair follicles. According to hair experts, keratin plays a critical role in forming a protectant layer on the hair. The Conchiolin protein in pearl powder has similar effects to keratin.

Zinc PCA (an amino acid), influences hair follicles and hair growth. It is enzyme activator stimulating protein transformation, which have sulfide bonds, necessary for hair building. Pearl Powder, like calcium contains a high content of zinc.

Copper Peptides promote hair growth and increase fat cells on the scalp. Copper and Zinc play a key role in hair loss, by blocking the the hormone (DHT) which has shown to curb hair growth.

Iron - When you don't have enough iron, your body can't produce the hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen for the growth and repair of cells that stimulate hair growth. Pearl powder contains an array of iron.

Silicon also called silica, is responsible for growth and shine of hair. Pearl Powder is rich in silica.

Magnesium promotes follicle hair growth, which results in healthy hair growth. Experts agree that magnesium is nature's anti-stress mineral, which is a major component in hair loss. Pearl powder is extremely rich in magnesium.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to keep hair healthy and strong. Scientific studies conclude that Pearl powder is a potent antioxidant

Tyrosine is an amino acid in pearl powder which helps to improve blood supply to the roots of the hair and encourages hair growth with capillary micro-circulation. It also strengthens hair shafts and accelerates the development of hair follicles.

Pearl contains mainly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, which accounts for 91%, followed by silicon, calcium phosphate, aluminum oxide and ferric oxide as well as trace elements such as sodium, magnesium, manganese, Conchiolin protein (keratin), antioxidants, and copper. It also contains essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids such as tyrosine and serine.

Key Benefits Of Using A Follicle Simulator

Most follicle stimulators are formulated to supply adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients to the hair follicle and hair shaft, thereby promoting fuller and thicker hair. This also aids in stimulating hair growth.

Follicle stimulators also promote circulation of blood to the scalp. Certain ingredients are instrumental in guarding the hair and follicles from sun exposure which can lead to brittle or damaged hair, surface damage or color changes.

Stimulators also work by renewing the growth of follicles as well as extending the growth stage of the hair cycle. All this is usually achieved without drying out the hair or scalp.

Follicle stimulators may also be used by people with fine hair or those who desire to have fuller and thicker hair.

Since fine and thinning hair is more susceptible to breakage caused by perming, blow drying or other chemical treatments, hair simulators can ward off the undesired side effects of these procedures. It works by protecting the follicles and reducing the stress of these procedures on the follicles.

While promoting healthy new hair, a quality follicle simulator significantly aids in enhancing the strength of your current hair. It also slows the process of oxidation, thereby promoting healthy hair and scalp.

Follicle simulators are also designed to inhibit dandruff and other scalp conditions like itchiness. People also experience a reduction of sebum production in the scalp and this also help in removing build up around the hair follicle.

With a follicle simulator, people can be assured that their already brittle or fine hair is receiving the best protection against hair breakage.

Pearl Powder can significantly reverse the effects of hair loss. This hair follicle simulator helps spark new hair growth and keeps it growing. And it is all natural, without toxins or chemicals.

If you are suffering hair loss, hair thinning, or balding, this is the Key solution for thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair.

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My name is Sarah Anderson owner and founder of Age Defying Secrets and Authentic I have discovered the powerful, magic-like benefits of the ocean's most profound treasure - pearl powder, and I want to share it with you. If you haven't tried pearl powder, you'll want to try it now. Pearl Powder is backed by Science and has received the seal of approval of goop.