The Buddhism religion dates back to the 5th century. It is one of the oldest cultures which originated from India and later spread to other parts of Asia such as Japan, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, etc. With the widespread globalization, Buddhism has also spread to other western countries where it has been adopted by some of the citizens as their culture.

It is easy to recognize the presence of Buddhism practitioners in any place. There will always be the statue of Buddha displaying one of the common gestures identified with the statue. While it is beautiful to admire the Buddha statues and their different gestures, it is known that each gesture has a different meaning in accordance with the teaching of Buddha.

The significance of Buddha statues

It should be noted that the statue of Buddha is in no way a representation of the physical appearance of Buddha. It is a widely accepted depiction that is used to convey the message of Buddhism to all. It is a representation of a life characterized by peace, harmony. Inner satisfaction and fortune. These are among the values that are preached in Buddhism.

While the practitioners of the religion learn the principles that promote inner peace and spiritual gain, the statue of Buddha is placed at strategic places to remind the Buddhists about the doctrines of Buddha. Beholding a statue of Buddha encourages people who have knowledge of the doctrines to seek inner peace and spiritual strength to overcome the temptation of greed, hatred, and fear. Buddhists look up to the statue of Buddha as a constant reminder of the immense benefits that can be derived from practicing their religion. It helps them to maintain a level of discipline that overcomes the thoughts of engaging in negative vices.

The statue of Buddha inspires meditation

In many places, the statue of Buddha is a representation of a meditative position. People who seek strength form regular meditation can continuously be reminded of their source of strength when they see the statue of Buddha around their living areas. It is believed that the presence of Buddha’s statue cautions the actions of the Buddhists who seek to attain higher levels of meditation in view of reaching higher heights of self-control and inner peace.

A most treasured gift

Asides the inspiration that can be drawn from the statue of Buddha, it is also a pleasant gift to present to people who have the knowledge of Buddhism. Stores like offer beautiful pieces of decorative magic items that has been made from different materials. When placed in a room they become a source of strength and inspiration that will add value to the life of the recipient of this unique gift.

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