Dry ice blasting is a chemical-free form of industrial cleaning that uses dry ice as the blasting medium. The process of dry ice cleaning is commonly used in industries with heavy machinery.

Typical industrial cleaning involves the disassembling of machinery and moving the parts to an assigned area where they can be cleaned. These traditional cleaning methods are also limited when machinery cannot be moved or other blasting mediums would result in greater cleaning and downtime.

Dry ice cleaning has benefits that other cleaning methods lack.

Cleaning with water based methods such as pressure washing, leaves the area wet and requires more time for parts to dry and be ready for use again. Cleaning with water can also result in rust, also harming the iron parts of machinery.

Chemical methods of cleaning can not only harm machinery parts, but also the environment. These chemical cleaning methods often cannot be used with machinery in the food industry.

Dry ice cleaning has many advantages over traditional forms of cleaning:

Environment-friendly: Dry ice cleaning is chemical-free. Solid dry ice (carbon dioxide) is used and sublimates upon contact with the surface being cleaned thereby returning to the gaseous form of CO2.

Cost and time efficiency: With traditional cleaning method there is a need to shutdown machinery, disassemble and then re-assemble the parts after they have been cleaned. The cost and time savings of dry ice cleaning means there is no need to dissemble and reassemble. Parts can be cleaned in place with no additional clean-up time to remove the blasting medium.

Reduced cost of waste disposal: The dry ice cleaning process does not leave any kind of residue behind, thus, saving the additional cost of waste disposal.

Sanitizers: Dry ice pellets used in dry ice blasting are frozen to -79 degrees C. This extreme temperature kills e-Coli, salmonella, and listeria and inhibits re-growth of bacteria. There is no risk of cross-contamination and this is why many food processing and pharmaceuticals companies are now using this process for cleaning their machinery.

Safest industrial cleaning process: Dry ice blasting is the safest industrial cleaning process. It does not contribute to increased greenhouse gas, it is non-toxic and uses a non-hazardous cleaning medium. Dry ice blasting is nonabrasive, non-conductive and non-flammable too.

Durability:Dry ice industrial cleaning increases the life of heavy machinery by minimizing wear and tear and keeping machinery in good working condition. 

Clean Surface: Dry ice blasting ensures the surface is properly cleaned. Since the whole process is dry, it poses no harm to the machine such as rusting or additional residue.

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