Thanks to the important advances in aesthetic medicine, specialists have come to offer endless medical solutions to problems that afflict the patient for one reason or another. The eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty; One of the most demanded surgical procedures today, it is not only a key representative of the aesthetic improvements that plastic surgery can offer, but also of the great functional and physical benefits like เปิดหัวตา that can be achieved thanks to this important science.

Starting from the beginning, blepharoplasty; which is known more colloquially as eyelid surgery, consists of one of many specialties that comprise cosmetic surgeries, in which the specialist focuses on repairing the shape of the tissues around the eye, more specifically the upper and lower eyelids.

Broadly speaking, patients who wish to undergo eyelid surgery tend to be older adults whose eyelids present different aesthetic deterioration, such as sagging and drooping upper eyelids, such as bags on the lower eyelids. Naturally, these affectations give the person a tired and aged appearance, but it is something completely normal, because over the years the skin becomes flaccid and the muscles weaken.

When these tissues decay, they give way to the accumulation of fat, this results in the appearance of bags under the eyes or the exhausted expression in the look resulting from the drooping upper eyelids.

Through blepharoplasty, patients will be able to enjoy a much more youthful and alert appearance, but it should be mentioned that the benefits of eyelid surgery transcend and go beyond the patient's cosmetic recoveries, as it is well known that it also offers corrections functional and emotional improvements.

To understand this in more detail, let's look at the benefits of an eyelid surgery:

Aesthetic benefits

It is expected that the most palpable benefits of a blepharoplasty are the aesthetic ones, and this is due to the fact that these are evident in different points, such as:

Disappearance of expression lines typical of age: Although it is not the main objective of eyelid surgery, the first results that patients notice after the intervention is the disappearance of the furrows around the eye; those that appear as signs of aging.

Elimination of bags under the eyes: The bags that appear on the lower eyelid tend to be caused by the sagging of the tissue, which allows fat to accumulate in the area. This naturally makes the person appear tired. These bags are removed with eyelid surgery and, after recovery, the patient will have a much happier appearance.

Correction of excess tissue on the upper eyelid: When the skin becomes flabby and the muscle weakens, the upper eyelids are evidence of aging. When these falls, in some cases they can even cover part of the iris and, likewise, generate a tired and sad image on the patient's face. However, blepharoplasty corrects this excess tissue that falls on the eye where, in addition, fat accumulates.

Functional benefits

Taking into account that patients who go for a blepharoplasty have droopy eyelids that generally cover part of their eye, and considering how the results of eyelid surgery work, people who undergo the surgical procedure regain their entire visual field. That is, there is no longer any tissue that covers the eyeball and affects the peripheral vision of the patient.

Emotional benefits

As it is a medical procedure whose results are closely linked to improving the patient's appearance, the results of eyelid surgery have a significant positive effect on the patient's self-esteem, and this (as has been scientifically proven) brings considerable benefits for all other aspects of life.

So, as we can see, blepharoplasty can not only help the patient to enjoy a considerably more youthful and attentive appearance, but it also offers functional improvements such as the correction of peripheral vision disorders. However, among our preferred benefits is the fact that people regain their self-esteem, as this matter has repercussions in all areas of their daily lives, improving their quality of life.

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