Pakistan real estate sector is not facing good conditions from past many years. The major reason behind it is the hyper inflation and political instability in the country. Prices of Pakistan properties are soaring high and on the other hand, the purchasing power of people has decreased. This has resulted in low demand of Pakistan properties which is responsible to keep this sector in distressed condition. Inflation is widening the gap between rich and poor forcing the less fortunate folks to live in rural areas.

Many examples can be traced back from Mohotarma Benazir Bhutto’s life in which she distributed food, shelter and medicine to the impoverished people of the country free of cost. One of her dreams was to provide a decent housing to the poor people of the country so that they may also enjoy a complete lifestyle.

To convert this dream into reality, a scheme is planned out to provide shelter to the poor people of Sindh. The name of the scheme has been suggested “Benazir Bhutto Shelter scheme”. It is estimated that the total budget of 300 million rupees will be required for the development.

This project is expected to complete in the next two years. As of now, the project is being be supervised by Qaim Ali Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh. It is also intended that the land in the major cities of Sindh will be rented by the Board of Revenue. This project is expected to be a big relief for the poor against their current indecent living. The comfortable apartments will be made for them in all the suburban areas of all major cities.

As the job opportunities in bigger Sindh cities are higher, so people from nearby villages and suburban areas migrate there. This has resulted in increased load on cities’ resources. As Sindh is not such a well developed province, this increased population is causing a burden on its poor infrastructure. This pressure can be seen on all of its infrastructures like roads, healthcare, water, schools, hospitals and colleges.

The life in the cities has become hectic and the population of poor, living in rural areas is increasing tremendously. To provide a relief to the poor people in this situation, the provincial government of Sindh has decided to develop this project in the suburban areas. All the amenities will be provided to the poor on the expenses of Government of Pakistan. Such projects will bring new investment in Pakistan real estate sector and will definitely play a vital role in making it as lucrative as it once was.

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William King is the director of Pakistan Properties, Karachi Property and Property in Pakistan. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.