In my opinion, belief and success go hand in hand.

Without belief I personally feel that success is impossible.

Whenever you set out to achieve any goals or any success, believing you CAN do it is THE KEY!!!!

Earlier in my life, and especially during my rugby career, there were child hood dreams that I failed to fulfill. You could Belief And Successsay there were a variety of reasons for this, but if I was to be brutally honest, the overriding reason I believe for me coming up short was mainly down to my belief or the lack of it in this case.


Life is colorful. I guess if it wasn’t then it would be extremely boring.

It regularly presents us with challenges and problems that we simply have to face up to and deal with if goals and success are to be achieved.

Sometimes the challenges are small, sometimes the challenges are big.

But regardless of what size they are, every obstacle can be overcome if one possesses a strong, unshakeable belief.

Unfortunately, for the majority of people this is very rarely the case. Obstacles trigger the surfacing of old negative and limiting beliefs that are stored deep within our minds. This then increases the magnitude and difficulty of every challenge, often resulting in the surrendering of our dreams.


The meaning of belief from a personal improvement standpoint are simply the thoughts we hold and deeply trust about something. Ordinarily, our beliefs are buried deep within our subconscious mind, which results in reactions and behaviors being automatically triggered.

Having a strong belief in our abilities arms us with an inner strength and positive attitude that helps us find solutions to every arising problem that we face. When we believe solutions will be found it will then make us more driven and focused to work towards a desired goal.


To get a handle of your inner belief system and to find out how robust and positive it is, you need to ask yourselves a number of searching questions.

What notions do you have about your skills and abilities?

Do you believe you can overcome obstacles and challenges?

Do you believe you can be successful?

Do you believe you deserve to be successful?

Do you believe you can be winner?

Take a moment to write down all the thoughts and feelings these kind of questions have stirred up.

Do your responses reflect how you want to feel about yourself and your life? Are they thoughts and feelings that are empowering or disabling? Do they make you feel positive or negative?


When you believe in your success you will find that you can achieve wonderful and remarkable things.

However, if you question your belief, then you have not only lost the battle, you have lost the war.

What I mean by that is simply this. Belief doesn’t just apply to certain aspects of life, it applies to all aspects. It’s not a one-time thing it’s an all time thing.

To be a success in life, whether it’s in work, business, relationships or sport you have to believe in yourself. PERIOD

Believe that you will find answers to all your problems. Believe that you can be successful. Believe that you deserve to be successful. Believe that you can overcome obstacles and come out on top. Believe that you can be a winner.

There is no greater magic than a strong belief. It will open up a whole new world for you.

As I said at the beginning belief and success go hand in hand. Without belief, then true success will elude you forever.

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Your mind is the key to you achieving every goal and dream you've ever possessed. When armed with the power of belief the universe will help bring all your desires to reality. Go here and start applying the power of belief and success will be yours. Guaranteed!!!