Recently I was asked by several people to create a four-payment plan to make it financially easier for them to join my 6-week Ideal Outcome System™ Teleconference Series that will begin on January 27, 2010. (They had already been offered a $100 discount if they signed up by a certain date.)

I love to meet people half way, especially if they are making an effort, so we took the time to comply with this request. I felt the requesters were making a sincere effort to change their relationships with money, prosperity and life.

After setting up the four-payment plan and notifying the people who had requested it, I was surprised when not one of them took action! As a result they lost the opportunity to save $100 on the teleconference series price and spread the remaining (minimal) investment over four payments instead of two.

What’s the point of getting a ladder, if you don’t use it? You have to climb the ladder if it’s going to be of any use to you, right?

So here’s the Problem: Knowledge without action is useless…period!

Ask yourself this question: “Who would I be (or what would I do) if I did not (blank)?”

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a boot in the fanny comes right when you need it the most? Well here’s your boot!

What actions are begging you to take them, but you won’t?

Story: I remember as a little girl begging my mom to buy me candy. She gave in and got it for me. Within seconds I lost interest in the sugary treat and went to play. I expected a fight from my mom but there was none. How boring was that? I was actually counting on the fight to make it worth my while! In my head the amount of fight determined the value of the prize!

Does this sound at all familiar to you? I have told many of my clients over the years, ” This is called an emotional addiction.” They gasp with suprise. Yup, we all have them…until we don’t!

Are you addicted to the thrill of the fight, conflict, struggle and counting on it being hard or difficult, as I once was? If there is no fight or conflict, we lose interest. We miss out on a “free, no side effect” rush or high that can become very addictive.

Is this what happened to the people who asked me to make my teleconference series more affordable for them? Did they really want to break out of financial and emotional prison? Did they want to take back their power and create a new realtionship with money that would blow poverty away?

We can only guess. What I do know is their actions were inconsistent with their expressed desires.

Here is a BIG secret I’d like to share with you!

A huge percentage of the new clients I work with that create rapid success learn to be consistent in their words and actions!

I showed a new client five ways she can shift the energy of her retail store and start making more sales to women. She took every action by the letter and did everything I suggested. Shortly thereafter she reported more sales and a deeper connection to her female customers.

An Ideal Outcome System™ teleconference participant took action and used what I shared with her on the calls and reported that her income had risen 70% since the calls began. Seventy percent! That’s not a bad return, is it?

This is what “rubber hitting the road” looks like to me!

Knowledge + Action = Results

Have you ever had your mouth say one thing and your body act out something different?

Example: I’ll call you next week; Action: No call.

Example: I’ll totally be there - count me in! Action: No show.

Example: You mean a lot to me as a client and as a friend. Action: Do the absolute minimum.

Getting in control of your life, your finances and what you attract, takes specific action… massive action, to be exact. Teaching you which actions to take is where I come in.

No, it does not mean you take the same actions that others are taking. It means you begin to change your spots and take new actions that are carefully chosen to give you a desired return.

A very wealthy person (he earned $80,000 per month) once told me: ”Rich people invest and make gaining quality knowledge (which pays them back) a priority.”

What a great wake up call this can be for anyone who has a burning desire to create more but has not yet connected the dots between their actions and the quality of their life!

Solution: Isn’t it kind of funny how easy the answers are? I mean, we all basically want the same things: safety, happiness, inner peace, food and shelter, free time, prosperity, freedom and, most important, to be appreciated and valued for our contribution. We all need to matter, right?

Identifing what we want isn’t too difficult. It’s the creating of it that seems to really get in the way of the majority of people that seek my assistance.

Actually, the creating is no more difficult than figuring out what we really want, so why do we make it so darned hard?

Here are some Ideal Questions to ask yourself if you’re ready to get big results. But first answer this one: What is causing you to NOT take the actions that will give you your heart’s desires?

Take this quiz

1. I know what my 6 Core Values are. Y/N

2. I am precise and detailed about my heart’s desires and I have written them down. Y/N

3. Do I think that without my heart’s desires I will NOT be happy? Y/N

4. Do I create distraction and conflict becaue I’m scared of success? Y/N

5. Can I see clearly what actions am I taking or NOT taking that create my life to be exactly what it is? Y/N

6. Am I ready and willing to do anything necessary to be able to take different actions that will create my Ideal Outcomes? Y/N

7. Would I rather go toward the unknown (which may be much better) than keep doing the known when the known is making me unhappy? Y/N

If you answered Yes to all of these questions, good for you. You’re ready to take new actions and get new desirable results!

When you LOVE your Ideal Outcomes more than struggle and poverty, you will be ready to take action.

When you take strategic action, you will get every Ideal Outcome you desire… and more.

Remember: NOT taking action and doing nothing is still taking action!

Repeat this statement to yourself: My Ideal Outcomes come to me when I take massive, appropriate, focused action, right now.

As the family says in the movie Meet The Robinson’s, “Keep moving forward!”

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Michelle Rigg - President, Founder, Master Trainer

Personal power expert Michelle Rigg has dedicated her life to finding and developing a powerful step by step process that delivers fast sales, money and client attraction results. She has written and published multiple workbooks and homestudy products including two popular books: "The Strength Of Being Out Of Your Mind" and her latest book, "You Must Be OUT Of Your MIND": A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating More Power In Your Life.

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