In my last newsletter, “Five Must-Do Practices in Tough Times” I mentioned the importance of a good attitude, protecting business relationships, getting more creative, focusing on results and the importance of effective communication. I would like to continue discussion about leading in tough times as it looks like tough times might be around for a while.

I attended a webinar today and heard a great quote by William Bridges- “It’s not the changes that do you in, it’s the transition!” If we look back in time at significant changes in our work, career and life, we will notice that things were always changing. It’s how we handled the change that determined if the events and experiences were smooth or rocky.

I believe our level of courage will mainly determine if we will be fearful or fearless as we encounter and navigate through change. Strategic planning, intelligence, knowledge and skills are important, but won’t help us too much if we lack courage. I believe we all have the same amount of courage. It’s whether we choose to use it or not. Our level of courage will determine our level of fear, which will determine our level of performance. Recently, I have seen tremendous displays of courage among my clients, friends and associates, even myself. Courage we didn’t know we had. Courage to be Fearless.

I want you to commit right now to being Fearless:
? Fearless in choosing realistic optimism over panic or depression
? Fearless that you can overcome any obstacle in your path
? Fearless in changing your attitude and not listening to all the doom and gloom
? Fearless that you can step courageously ‘outside the box’ and learn new skills
? Fearless that you can find new and better ways of doing things
? Fearless in choosing winning thoughts and actions, which will determine your results
? Fearless that you can handle added responsibility and get all your work done
? Fearless that you can still get great results in your work
? Fearless to think BIG and move into POSSIBLITY thinking
? Fearless in making the necessary sacrifices to get through these tough times
? Fearless that you will certainly make it through these tough times
I think you get the picture of what it takes to be Fearless. John Wayne said, “It’s ok to be afraid. Saddle up anyway!” FDR’s famous quote in his inaugural address during The Great Depression, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” still rings true and it always will. Fear is only a thought.

What would happen if everyone stopped talking about all the lousy things that are happening and starting talking about all the great things that CAN be done? Like doing whatever it takes to make budget, achieve sales quotas, close contracts and deliver outrageous personalized service to employees, guests, customers and clients. There are people out there doing it against all odds. You can too! Besides, listening to the hardships of others doesn’t really make you feel better, nor does it move anyone or anything in a forward direction. Being Fearless does.

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