To get the most from your life, your day, your hour create some powerful questions that put you into a powerfully productive state. Once you understand how powerful this is, work with your clients to create questions that will help put them into their ideal emotional state.

Questions such as:

How can I make today an absolutely amazing day?

How can I make this task fun? (This is great when you have tasks you do not want to complete but must.)

What can I do to make this meeting the most productive I have ever had?

How can I make this coaching relationship amazingly satisfying for my client?

What are the top 3 things I can do today to live the best life I can?

As a millionaire, how happy would I be? Why not be that happy now?

What do I have in my life worth smiling about?

At the end of my day what do I want to have accomplished?

What is one thing I can do today to really make me feel like I am living an amazing life?

What are 3 things I can accomplish today to get me one step closer to my dream life?

How happy am I in my dream life? Why not be that happy now?

Now that you see how this works what are some powerful questions you can ask yourself to change your mood to positive and productive one?


Coach Mackenzie Pearce

Author's Bio: 

Coach Mackenzie Pearce
Director, Coaching Academy of North America Inc.

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