Learning how to become more creative is a skill we’re all capable of developing and harnessing.

Many great and wonderful things we have in this world all originated from a creative idea.

Become More CreativeThe ‘world changing’ inventions from people like Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell all started off as simple ideas within the realms of their own creative minds.

Being creative is within us all.

Every single one of us has the ability to become a more creative person it’s just that we need to harness it in the right way.

Creativity is a skill that can not only benefit and improve your own life but it can also have a profound effect on the lives of others.

Would you like to unleash all your untapped creativity to bring about life changing events to you and the rest of the world?

Below are some great tips you can follow to help you in your quest to become a more creative thinker and idea generator in life:

1. Make A Record Of Your Ideas

Recording your ideas is very important. Over the years, I’ve forgotten lots and lots of ideas simply because I didn’t record them when they first came into my head.

These days, I always have a Dictaphone in the car if an idea comes into my head when I’m driving, and if I’m at home or in the office I jot them down on my notepad or a word doc file on my computer. How you do it is not important. The important thing is to remember to record your ideas at all times as you never know what will come of them further down the line

2. Embrace The Impossible

Don’t put a limit on any ideas your mind initiates. Anything and everything is possible in this world. Ideas that may seem impossible to you now may not be impossible for you in the future. Also ‘impossible’ ideas can inspire you to unearth even more creative and ‘world-changing’ ideas.

3. Get Reading

Reading on a broad range of topics can do wonders in expanding your knowledge and prompting new ideas. Topics that at first appear unrelated to your main subject area can often be the spark to new and innovative ideas.

4. Change Your Environment

Having a change of scenery can trigger and energize your creativity and imagination. A change might be something as simple as taking a stroll around your garden or visiting the local park or shop.

5. Get Exercising

The benefits of exercise on your health and well-being are always well documented. However, exercise is great at turbo-charging your creativity. Some of my best and most notable ideas have appeared when I was on a jog.

Any form of moderate exercise or activity frees your mind of the stresses and worries of life, which often allows you to then ‘think way outside the box’. I’ve heard of people who have written whole novels from the ideas they created while doing physical activity and exercise .

6. Brainstorm For Short Periods

Focusing for 10-15 minutes at a time is a very effective way to generate loads of ideas of how to deal with a particular issue or problem. Brainstorming for ideas always works best when done over a short, focused period. This period of concentrated thought will also instruct your subconscious mind to bring you more inspired thoughts and ideas throughout the day. As I mentioned in tip#1, when this happens make sure you amke a record of all of these.

7. Practice Meditation

Meditation techniques are very powerful in reducing stress and attaining greater inner peace. It helps silence the mind of all the hundreds of thoughts that keep racing through your mind throughout the day.

Having a deep peace of mind will then free it up to become more creative and generate better ideas and clearer plans.

Following the tips I’ve just given you will help bring your creativity and inventiveness well and truly to the fore. Get started today to become more creative so you can make a difference in the world.

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