If you want to become a better conversationalist, then this article will provide you with some helpful tips to communicate effectively with other people.

Communication Tip # 1: You should listen as much as you talk, or perhaps even more.

Communication is a two-way approach. While you are speaking, the other person is listening, and vice versa. Interrupting the speaker or not paying attention to their words is not only impolite, but it also prevents you from knowing their likes, interests or ideas.

Communication Tip # 2: Pay attention not only to the words but also to non-verbal cues.

Looking into their eyes, observing their tone of voice and reading their body language will help you become a better conversationalist.

Making eye contact is one of the most important body language actions you could do. When you look into the eyes of the other person, it indicates that you are devoting your attention completely. Maintain eye contact while you are talking or listening to the person, but don't stare.

By using the right kind of gestures, movement of eyes and hands, you could effectively deliver your message and become a better conversationalist.

Communication Tip # 3: Clarity is a necessity.

While speaking, you should be clear about the topic you are talking about. The appropriate words should be used. There should be no filling as far as possible. The excessive filling effect will give an impression that you do not have the confidence on the subject matter that you are talking about. The best way to speal clearly and confidently is to prepare appropriately before you speak with anyone.

Communication Tip # 4: Take note of your pitch and tone.

The flow of words should be smooth. You should not raise your voice because it shows arrogance. If the other person is constantly asking to repeat the words that you are saying, your tone of voice could be the culprit. You should adjust it. It should not be too soft nor too loud. When the voice is pleasant, the audience will show interest to listen to your words.

Communication Tip # 5: Match the pace at which the other person speaks to you.

When you speak with the CEO of a company, you cannot be too complacent. On the other hand, when you speak to your best friend at home, you could talk in a more relaxed tone.

Communication Tip # 6: Follow the ‘give and take’ policy.

You should know when to talk and when to break the speech. When one person does all the asking or all the answering, it doesn't equate to a good conversation (unless it's an interview or question-and-answer portion). No one takes delight in a person who continuously asks question after question without sharing some of their ideas or opinions.

Communication Tip # 7: Be empathetic.

Adapt to the situation by understanding the feelings of the audience. In this manner, you will present the subject ina way that your audience can relate to. It is important to engage them at the mental level, so there will not be any mismatch between your way of thinking and theirs.

It requires practice to become an effective communicator. By taking feedback from others (including experts) and through self examination, you can overcome the drawbacks and become a better conversationalist.

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