Stress of buying presents. Your presence is the present. Just Be.

Imagine sitting in your living room one afternoon when there is a knock on the door from the Holy Spirit! Would you open the door? I did. I’m Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney and I’m known as The Elevator to God because I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide experience the personal presence of God.

So there I was, praying one afternoon in my living room asking for an experience of Grace. My prayer was answered with a visitation. The presence of Grace entered the room and I opened the door of my heart to receive the most amazing gifts.

What unfolded over the next few weeks was nothing short of Biblical. I’m a natural mystic so connecting with Spirit wasn’t unusual. I’ve been blessed with the ability to help others experience the personal presence of God and angels.

Everyone is capable of experiencing mystical connections with the Holy Spirit, or God, or Divine Mother. Spirit comes to us in the form we are able to recognize and receive.

What was unusual was the power of the Presence and the way it came through. I was guided to transfer the energetic signature or resonance of my experience onto the pages of my new book, The Be-Attitudes and the Embrace of Grace.

You can literally sit in your living room with this book and open the door to a mystical experience of the Holy Spirit. Your soulful desire will act as the catalyst combined with the words, images and energy on the pages to transport you into experiences of The Be-Attitudes so you can Be at Peace.

Be in Love.
Be in Gratitude.
Just Be. Free from worry, stress, and fear.

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To share these new Be-Attitudes with you, my publisher Ja-lene Clark had the brilliant idea of giving you a gift each day for 12 days that demonstrate how to use these new Be-Attitudes in life. What better way to apply them than to the stresses of the Holidays!

Tune in every day as we Ride waves of peace through Eternity. Feel the warm expansion of love. Break through the complexities of worry and fear with truth. And Experience the space and relief of just Being.