Having a beard is the desire of many men, and today’s trend towards individuality, “being different from everyone else”, living your own life goes well with the image of a man with a beard . In addition, facial hair is a sign of maturity, reliability, stability, and this is sometimes lacking in the rapidly changing and not very safe modern world. If you have troubles with your beard, we are recommended to visit beard transplant clinic.

Not every representative of the stronger sex will be able to formulate why he wears or wants to wear a beard , but the main motives of men come down to the following:

- change the impression of yourself - a beard makes some people more
- courageous , others softer, and there can be many options (older, more graceful, more brutal, etc.)
- hide imperfections in appearance, change facial proportions to more advantageous ones
- protect your skin from constant shaving
- following certain traditions (cultural, religious).

In addition, a man's beard is a maintenance item that requires constant attention, and some men take great pleasure in taking care of this part of themselves.

But it happens that the beard begins to grow - and it is not very pleasing: the hair is sparse , and it is not possible to achieve the desired beard shape. The man is nervous and is ready to give up this idea. However, there is a solution to the problem - just not everyone knows about it. We'll tell you why beard hair doesn't grow - and what to do.

If your beard grows unevenly

A beard can grow poorly for several reasons . Basic:

heredity. Sparse facial hair is a given by nature, and sometimes you just can’t find the shape of a beard that suits you.
scars in the beard and mustache area. If a scar has formed after an injury or surgery, hair will not grow in that area.
hormonal changes. If at some point the hair on your beard has stopped growing, in some places, it is best to consult a trichologist to understand why this happened.
What men most often don’t like when they start growing a beard - and are dissatisfied with the result

the beard is thin , does not give the impression of masculinity
there are bald spots on the beard , places where hair does not grow at all or grows sporadically, rarely;
The desired beard shape cannot be created from existing hair.
It happens that a man gets disappointed and starts shaving again - or leaves facial hair, trying to shape it with cosmetics. However, in all cases when “the beard does not grow,” there is a reliable way - transplantation of your own hair from the back of the head to the beard and mustache area .

True, middle-aged and older men sometimes have to choose between a beard and a hairstyle, because as a result, the hair at the back of the head will thin out somewhat. But often the loss of hair on the head is visually “balanced” when transplanting hair onto a beard. Reviews about this procedure, the experience of surgeons who restore hair, mustaches, and beards of patients are the best confirmation that minor facial hair is a solvable problem.

How to get rid of bald spots on a beard
The hair transplant method , which the RTH clinic has been using for more than 20 years , can be briefly described as follows. Grafts are extracted from the back of the patient's head - pieces of skin with 1-2 hair follicles - and then implanted into the area where a beard is to be created . All this happens under local anesthesia, the patient feels comfortable.

There are two main types of beard sealing - they differ in the way the grafts are collected. With the STRIP technology, a small skin flap is isolated on the back of the patient’s head, and in the laboratory, grafts are removed from it and prepared for implantation. This is a relatively quick method - the whole procedure takes 5-6 hours. Another advantage of the STRIP method is that you do not need to shave the back of the head to “get” the grafts.

The second technology is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) - this is the extraction of grafts using a micro-instrument directly from the scalp, their processing and implantation into the beard area. The method is suitable when you need to fill in small areas - for example, thicken sparse beard hair. The procedure takes up to 8 hours.

Hair transplantation into the beard area is a low-traumatic intervention, however, there are contraindications for it. This:

inflammatory diseases of the facial skin, their exacerbation;
blood clotting disorder;
cardiovascular diseases.
Before and after beard hair transplant
It all starts with a consultation with the clinic’s surgeon , who will help you choose the optimal beard shape , choose the method of hair transplantation that is most suitable for the patient, and tell you about the rehabilitation period. It is short - up to 2 weeks; during this time it is important to exclude physical activity and thermal procedures.

In the first days after hair transplantation, slight swelling may occur. Then crusts form in the places where the hair is implanted - and it is very important not to injure or scratch this area (and it can itch). The doctor will prescribe special products to care for the area of ​​new hair growth and tell you how to care for it to ensure maximum survival.

The patient also needs to know how the beard will behave after the transplant . During the first 2-3 weeks, the hair follicles take root, the hair begins to grow, and stubble appears. Then the growth of beard hair will stop, and about a month after the transplant, it will begin to fall out. This is normal - transplanted hair “experiences” the development cycle of normal hair, only in an accelerated manner. After 2-3 months, the hair will begin to grow again, and the result of the transplant can be assessed approximately a year after the procedure.

What kind of beard can be created with hair transplantation?
Every man can fulfill his desire to have a beard , regardless of how his facial hair grows now. Surgeons at the Real Trans Hair clinic perform 15-20 hair transplants per month and always take an individual approach to solving the problem of each patient.

Need a neat short beard for men? Not happy with thin beard hair? Do you want a thick beard instead of a thin, long beard? Do you have scars on your beard that you can’t close? Has your beard stopped growing? All these and many other requests were already in the practice of the clinic’s doctors - and were resolved with the help of beard hair transplantation.

The cost of the procedure is calculated based on the chosen method and the number of transplanted grafts. You can pre-evaluate it during a personal or online consultation.

To regain another sign of masculinity, to feel your masculine strength - modern hair transplant technologies are ready to help with this.

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