Shamanic work doesn’t have to be an esoteric, once-in-a-lifetime-in-Peru experience. Instead, through the simple beat of a drum, you can access your own unique wisdom, right in the midst of “real life”.

During this unique experience together, you’ll receive the simple, accessible steps to connect to your Higher Self (or the energy of the Divine) via a guided drum meditation and receive answers to your biggest questions in your business.

As a result of our time together, you’ll become more confident in finding the answers that are already within you - yep, you do get to Be Your Own Shaman.

During this unique and powerful experience, you'll receive both an overall understanding of the power of tuning in to your inner wisdom and guidance through Shamanic work as well as the actual experience of doing so. You'll learn:

How to connect with your own inner guidance in a simple yet powerful way

The #1 Secret to Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom

Answers to the questions most on your heart (Am I doing this right, is this the right path? Where do I go from here?)

Speaker Bio
Erin Newman is a speaker, author, and Money Mindset and Energetics coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps her clients to overcome limiting beliefs in order to create the income and joy they desire in their businesses. Through her proprietary method, Erin helps her clients to heal their subconscious patterns so that they can access their inner guidance and power and receive the money and soul-fueled success they deserve.

Utilizing energetic and intuitive modalities, including EFT/Tapping, Erin guides her clients to transform their ancestral and childhood patterns of lack into powerful pathways of abundance and joy as they follow their soul's path in business.

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The Windjammer Restaurant - Garden Room
1076 Williston Rd
South Burlington VT 05403
United States

Contact Number:- 802-316-8885

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