The ever-evolving technology and fast-paced track of the world make it seem to have a grasp on our lives a nightmare, let alone to conquer and tackle the emerging need for continuous and ample growth. But what actually makes life tougher now than as compared to the times of our ancestors? Why is the tranquility not felt in the air any longer? I guess one could say that the continuous nagging of diminishing opportunities is what drives one to the brink of giving up. But to give up surely was never a recommended option ever since the earth evolved, neither is now where the need to develop comes off harder than before.

The excruciating burden in schools from a younger class, to balancing a part-time job with one's university project to avail the best opportunities imaginable often gets neglected by one's lack of motivation. This instance seems to be a much bigger concern at hand amongst the progeny today. While the community and institutions around the globe are projecting the best methods to aid the younglings to be better motivated, self-help books are playing a more inducing role to drive an individual to their full potential.

How so you wonder? To shed some light on how these books aid a person is by enlightening the diminishing glimmer of faith one had possessed but somehow let the breeze nearly blow it out. Steps in these book's sharing stories and secrets of a person who had once gone through the same dilemma and torment, or a battle far worse than the one we are fighting at the moment. These stories start creating a barrier to shelter our fire within in hopes of only igniting it to be a majestic bonfire that will one day light up and brings us all that we are ever wanted.

One such book as I prefer to call it the book of hopes that emerged and gained popularity is by Tariku Bogale titled "Be Unstoppable: No Excuses (Volume 1). The title, however, does not fully justifies all the great stories and struggles it encompasses. The uncertainty and the widespread blind following of trends and traditions do not appeal to the generation now. This book takes a dive into the depths of the unknown and illustrates beautifully how you can emerge from the bottom most of the ocean even if you can't swim, even when the water has seeped within your lungs and you are drowning endlessly. The convincing turning point – how Mr. Tariku himself did so. This gives us the much-needed hope that if someone else made it, so can we. The author is not merely typing out his biography, but rather takes his readers on a journey to the past, almost as if one is taking a stroll and living out those moments themselves. Tariku Bogale ensures the reader that even if you are clueless now as to what is your purpose in life, you will figure it out, just hang in there and not give up.

The book unravels itself into various bits displaying the unseen and unusual circumstances an individual can come across, of how the size of our dreams don't matter as long as we are willing to make them come true. The book talks about risk-taking, the pros and cons these risks features, all that is at stake and whether if the idea is deemed worthy by us, then with utmost decisiveness and dedication, we must give our 100% than to make excuses. But this is not all. Be Unstoppable: No Excuses concludes itself articulately by relating all the obstacles that life brings upon us to how it is also a connector- creating bonds and making planet earth a shared home. 

This surely explains the reason why Be Unstoppable became such a huge success, for it captivates the readers, the enchanting words justifying the struggles of the author. A perfect combination, fully serving its purpose of helping the readers to not give up on their dreams.

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