Are you having trouble loving social media and dread the idea of building relationships in this vast sea of sameness? You are not alone and I am here to facilitate a change of heart. It’s not just about knowing what to say on social media and when to do it, it’s about creating consistent visibility, speaking from your heart and sharing what makes you and your business unique. Building relationships through social media and understanding how to and be social to grow social is a fresh concept worth understanding. Whether you have a full-time biz or part-time side hustle I have been exactly where you are and my experience and marketing background has given me the tools to show you how to sizzle and shine in your authentic way.

Social media absolutely must be one of the cornerstones to your marketing plan and utilizing this space in a way that connects with your heart and communicates who you are and how you serve your audience is by having a consistent plan. So let’s stop the quick swipe past your profile and page and create the magic behind your social image so you will “Be So Visible You Can’t Be Ignored!” 

As the Founder of Side Hustle Expert™ I have created a success formula you can use to build relationships with your target audience in 1-2 hours a week and the hidden traps to avoid when using social media as one of your marketing tools.

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Start Date - 04/15/2021 11:30 AM
End Date - 04/15/2021 01:30 PM
Time zone - US/Eastern Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location - Zoom United States
Chapter - Greater Burlington, VT

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