Jason is a longtime Imagine student... he's used my techniques to create success in his life a few years ago... but recently the economic downturn threw him for a loop.

He got laid off... something he wasn't expecting and it happened just as he
was preparing to get married.

Jason remembered that he could call me when ever he had questions so he
took me up on my offer.

He explained what had happened and how he was concerned that he wouldn't
be able to find a job in such a tough market.

Jason is a nurse and had worked mainly in private care facilities.

He asked me what he should do and how he should apply the material.

When Jason called me one of his first comments was:
"I'm worried about finding a job in this kind of market. Things are tough out there
and I don't want to fool myself into thinking it's going to be easy."

My response: "Don't be worried and don't be concerned. The job you want
already exists, otherwise you wouldn't want it. You just have to find it.
So let's focus on what you want, let's focus on attracting the opportunities and
let's be open to all possibilities."

The last part is always the toughest. Being open to all possibilities. Because this means being open to the possibility of doing something other than nursing in a private care facilities or doing something completely different from nursing.

When you're open to all possibilities you trust that your higher self will guide you
to what is best for you. What you want is still valid, but now you're open to something even better. The possibilities are endless.

We went over a number of things including the economy. Here's what I suggested:

“Yes the economy is not great - but people are still hiring.”
“There's always a need for nurses especially good nurses.”.
“Everyone suffers when the economy nosedives... but usually
there are always jobs... regardless of the economy.”

This belief has to be ingrained... you have to firmly believe that the job you want
exists... it took a few sessions but Jason finally got it.

He called me back a few weeks later and said he finally understood that the job
he wanted existed and that he would find it. But there was still that nagging doubt.
He was concerned he wouldn't make right impression, say the wrong thing,
come across as nervous.

We had to get his mind and subconscious mind to look at the positive side... that
way he would attract positive situations and opportunities.

I explained that while he had accepted that this job existed he didn't quite believe
that he would get the job. I explained that he had to focus on his positive
qualities and his strengths. Being nervous wasn't really an issue because as
a nurse, he was used to speaking to groups of people even in some trying situations.

He realized he had to look at things differently and focus on his positive
qualities and strengths... so that his subconscious mind focused on the positive
and not the negative.

We then created some specific declarations, targeted an action plan to help him achieve his goal and create the support that his belief needed to succeed.

We also applied the other exercises outlined in the Imagine Program.

Jason went to work and applied the material regularly.
That was back in January.

Earlier this week I got an email from him (not surprisingly) he got the job
he wanted.

Jason explained he had been on 3 interviews and got all 3 job offers.

Petty cool huh? And it only took less than a couple of months.

He knows he's made the right choice.

Jason succeeded because he changed his beliefs.
He didn't let his reality decide his future.
He created his future by focusing the power of his mind and subconscious mind to create the success he wanted.
He focused on his positive qualities.
Jason believed in himself and his ability.
He applied the material, stayed consistent and stuck with it.
You too can have the same success.
I said Jason had been a long time Imagine student and good friend. He applied the material years ago to create the success he wanted at that time.

So why did he slip up? Why did things change?

Jason stopped working with the material. He stopped being consistent
That happens to a lot of people.
When things go well, they stop applying the material.
They start coasting and before they know it, the fall back into their old negative thinking habits. Then things change again and they have to start all over again.

Jason knows he has to stay consistent and keep applying the material all the time.
Even when things go well. You keep applying the material because when you do
that things get even better.

In a month Jason will be married and in a new job. He's heading in positive
direction creating the life he wants.

Now it's your turn.
You too can succeed.
You too can enjoy the success and happiness you want and deserve.
Don't let the economy hold you back.
Don't believe that you can't do something just because somebody else says so.
You can do anything you want.
Believe in yourself and your ability.

Remember -- you only get one life and one chance.
Make the most of it. Stop defeating yourself, stop limiting yourself.
Create all the success you want and deserve in life.
Starting Now.

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An expert on relationships, leadership, peak performance, and change management, Ron Broussard has been sharing with his audience and clients over the last 10 years valuable insights and winning strategies to help stretch them to the next level, both professionally and personally. His animated trademark style of speaking with honesty, humor, and simplicity has made him an ideal choice by many organizations, colleges, and associations who find his presentations, empowering, informative and unforgettable.

Ron Broussard is the author of "Wanting Eyes", "Footprints of my Soul" and his upcoming book "Stretch Yourself - Create the Relationships You Deserve". This book has fresh new relationship approaches for business and personal results for a variety of clients from business startups, networking organizations, to Fortune 500 companies.

Ron brings his insider views and unique relationship perspectives from his 26 year career and weaves these perspectives into all of his programs. He creatively demonstrates simplicity solutions to help others stretch themselves to discover their true potential on their path to success.

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