The appearance of a bathroom is as important as the other rooms of the house. Therefore, it needs to be maintained properly and renovated with unique accessories. For instance, fancy bathtubs, chic vanity units, modern accessories that come in all shapes and sizes to decorate the bathroom and give it a modern look. There are many aspects to consider while modernizing the bathroom. It is not always about accessories. Sometimes the essential facilities can also be used to give it a modern look. However, you just have to pick the right one. Then there is lighting that plays an important role in this case. If you are considering to remodel your bathroom layout, then there are a bunch of great ideas that might be helpful:

  1. Tiles– They are the focal point of the bathroom and help to formulate the whole appearance of the place. Using colorfully patterned pretty tiles will really charm up the place. Make sure it coordinates well with the lighting and décor so that the bathroom looks nothing but delightful. Sometimes it is also good to coordinate the wall tiles and floor tiles to give an edge.
  2. Modern Lighting– One of the most important aspects of bathroom shelves India is the lighting. Give it a special glow by installing perimeter lighting. These LED strips need to be recessed thoroughly for a clearer glow. A well-lit bathroom is a classic modern-day bathroom. For instance, LED lighting above the mirror may also be a great idea. The lighting plan must be a combination of necessary and decorative aspects to create a perfect ambiance. The color changing LED lights also deserve special mention.
  3. Modern freestanding bathtubs– Freestanding tubs are one of the most popular features of a modern bathroom. The strategic and symmetrical position of the tub in a corner of the bathroom leaves plenty of room for other accessories. Leave out the traditional oval-shaped bathrooms. It is time to embrace the modern features- a pedestal or rectangular tub will ensure a much more modern appearance for the bathroom.
  4. Touch of green– A tinge of greenery is sure to positively impact the interiors of the bathroom. The fine blend of organic design and modern design establishes a connection between the inside and the outside world. The modern bathroom design will make you feel closer to nature. Placing beautifully flowering houseplants or orchids next to the window sill or basin is sure to beautify the interiors of the bath fittings manufacturers in India.
  5. Go simple– Simplicity is the key to modernizing your bathroom interiors. The traditional bathroom designs are always leading to a clumsy and cluttering atmosphere. Simple ideas always pay off well and keep extra room for all the extra accessories. A lot of ideas and inclusions at the same time would not take a positive toll on the appearance of the bathroom. Few simple ideas with modern accessories and innovative lighting are sure to put a good spin on everything.
  6. Mirror– The mirror is an essential part of the bathroom and needs to be placed carefully at the correct angle. However, at first, it is more important to pick out the right kind of mirror that would complement the décor of the place. A big oval mirror, a huge rectangular mirror or a small one hanging above the basin- these are the most popular modern choices. One can also use decorative lighting above the mirror for an edgy look. The functionality and convenience of vanity mirrors are not to be omitted in this case.
  7. Carpet and doormat– Ultra modern bathroom designs have one thing in common- there is a separate area for showering. A glass door divides the two parts of the bathroom so that the water doesn’t spread out entirely. This being said, the usefulness of carpets and doormats comes to the surface. For achieving a more elegant look, the area that has been separated from the shower can have a chic carpet supplemented with doormats on the floor. This way the entire bathroom doesn’t get wet as soon as one steps out of the shower. is one of the leading manufacturers of faucets and other bathroom accessories in India. The company is known for providing people with the ultimate bathing experience.

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