One of the most fascinating tales from the Indian mythology is that of the birth of Lord Hanuman. Anjana was a beautiful apsara from the heavens who was leading a life of plenty. But she visited earth for diversion and while wandering in a forest, she came across a sage who was meditating.

The sage was in the form of a monkey, and this greatly amused Anjana.

She started laughing but this did not bother the sage.

She then started throwing stones at the sage, and eventually he was enraged. He opened his eyes and cursed Anjana by saying that 'You shall be like the form you are laughing at, and shall not overcome the curse until you give birth to Lord Shiva's Avtar.

Anjana was in deep sorrow.

She started running back towards the forest, but even as she ran, she acquired the form of a monkey and grew a tail.

This made her sadder still. She ran and ran, and in exhaustion, she eventually fell under a banyan tree.

There she found a small temple of Lord Shiva, and made up her mind that she shall meditate over the Lord until she could overcome the curse. For three years, without food or water, she meditated on Lord Shiva. He saw her penances. At the same time, in the kingdom of Ayodhya, King Dashrath was serving pudding to his wife Kaushalya such that she would be blessed with a son. Lord Shiva told Vayu the wind Lord that 'Get a portion of the pudding for Anjana'. A kite flew away with a piece of the pudding and dropped it over Anjana's hand, as Lord Vayu whispered, eat.

Anjana had the divine pudding, and gave birth to Lord Hanuman. She knew that the pudding had arrived as a blessing from Lord Vayu, and hence Lord Vayu was Hanuman's father.

As a young child, Bajrang Bali was mischievous. He would jump from tree to tree, and the sun, to him was a ripe fruit. He would try to capture the sun, and as he grew older, he realized he had the power to fly.

This was expected as he was the son of Vayu, the wind Lord.

In fear, the Sun God asked for help from Lord Indra, who threw his vajra, or thunderbolt, at Hanuman. This struck Hanuman at the cheek and he fell on the ground.

Hanuman lay lifeless, and his father, Lord Vayu was enraged. With Hanuman, Vayu receded to a cave and in his absence; the world was at the risk of asphyxiation. Lord Indra rushed to Lord Vayu and as Lord Vayu returned to the earth, Lord Indra granted that Hanuman shall be possessed with mighty powers, shall be immortal in this world.

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