Allstate -yes the insurance company - started in 1931. It was the depression, not exactly the best time to be starting a new business. Since then, the company has gone through 12 recessions. Their view was, keep it simple, serve people and look at the basics to running a business. The message from Allstate was, when people get over the fear of the situation, and the magnitude of the effect, they tend to go back to the basics as well. They look at what's in front of them, they cut back on all the "fluff" and start to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Who says that hard times have to be, well, HARD? What if we all took on the attitude of "enjoy the simpler things in life"? We have been so used to keeping up with the Jones'. We have been in the mode of "want" and "get" whatever is out there, from the latest technology to the newest trends in fashion. We spend with very little thought. Well, now is the time to put a little more thought into what is going on around us. The thought being, like Allstate, how can we keep it simple and go back to the basics.

We can have just as much fun as before, just in a more down to earth, simpler way. Getting back to basics does not have to mean lack. As a matter of fact it carries great joy and abundance because there is no price tag attached to it. That means, no stress when the bills come.

What does getting back to basics mean for you? Here are a few "back to basics: ideas:
• Rent a movie at home, break out the popcorn and have a few friends join you.
• Pick your favorite game and have a game night.
• Big, extravagant vacations...why not enjoy what is going on in your back yard. Museums, parks...
• Go camping and get back to nature. No tv, no cell phone.
• Talking! Sit down and start a great conversation.

We can also go back to basics in our business by:
• Giving our customers real service, with real people.
• Knowing what your customer is having a problem with – and then help them find a solution.
• Find the right people for the job – don’t just fill the space. Fill the position with a person truly qualified and who LOVES what they do.
• Make the call! When you get a message, call them back A.S.A.P yourself – don’t give the message to your assistant.

When we change the way we think, the things around us change. As Napoleon Hill stated, when we have a positive mental attitude, we can go from thoughts of stress, complication, and lack, to a way of life that thrives on enjoying the basic things in life.

What are you going to do to go back to the basics?

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