As many families prepare for the start of school, it’s important to not only buy school supplies and clothes, but also to discuss safety. With increased traffic around school grounds, it is imperative to ensure the safety of parents and children alike. Here are some useful safety tips as the new school year rolls around:

1. Know Your Route

If your children are driving themselves to school, it is important to practice the route to and from school.Being a new driver is challenging enough, but caught off guard by an unfamiliar situation or surrounding increases the chance of accidents. To be safe, have your children drive to the desired destination in different conditions. This will allow for them to feel comfortable at all times and decrease their chances of being involved in an accident.

2. Drive Safely When in School Zones

School zones are intended to create a safe environment for children coming and going to school. Not only is it vital to pay attention to speed limits, it is equally important to be on the lookout for children as they come and go.Be sure to watch out for buses loading and unloading and pedestrians darting about. Also, be sure to heed the instructions of crossing guards whose purpose is to make sure everyone is safe. Even if you are running behind –the alarm didn’t go off, the kids were slow getting dressed, etc. –it is no excuse for not observing all of the rules.

3. Safely Drop Off Students

Each school has a different system when it comes to dropping the kids off and picking them up. These systems are intended to reduce traffic congestion and keep everyone safe. When someone does not observe these rules and holds up the flow of the system,it not only frustrates everyone else, it greatly increases the chances someone will get hurt.Be sure to know and understand your school’s traffic flow system so you aren’t this driver!

Unfortunately, accidents are bound to happen throughout the school year. When following these tips, your chances of being involved may be decreased. If your child is injured in an accident coming in or out of school, make sure to reach out to us here at Fulmer Sill. We take pride in utilizing our knowledge and expertise to produce favorable outcomes for our clients. Please contact us at (405)510-0077 for further help and questions about your case. Know more...

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