For a woman, nothing feels more beautiful than when her baby is growing inside her womb. It’s also pretty natural for mothers to want to know about their baby’s movement and alertness during different phases of pregnancy. Mothers also try to know the sleep pattern of their babies based on their movement. That, however, doesn’t really tell whether your baby will be a good sleeper after birth, according to Best Maternity Hospital In Vashi

Is My Baby Asleep or Awake?
If you focus properly, you will notice your baby’s movement very clearly. Your fetus will show the same activities as any newborn. So, mothers know when the baby is asleep or awake. They will listen to sounds, have memories, and move around quite a bit.
Once you have reached 32 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will be asleep 90% of the time. It could be a deep sleep or an indeterminate one, which happens because of the immature brain of the fetus. If it’s REM sleep, your baby’s eyes will move back and forth. Experts believe that a fetus dreams like a newborn baby.
Movement Inside the Womb
The fetus starts moving during the 9th week of your pregnancy. These movements can be detected via ultrasound, although you can’t really feel these movements initially. In fact, your fetus grows so fast that they will put their thumb into their mouth once you are 13-week pregnant.
That’s also the time when you will start noticing your baby’s kicks. Your baby will move 10-50 times per hour once you have reached the 29th week of pregnancy. You can notice your fetus responding to your movements. It can be felt in your womb. Your fetus is also likely to bounce up and down in your womb when you laugh. The harder you laugh, the more your fetus will jump in your womb.
They will explore the warmth and comfort in your womb by moving their limbs and entire body. The fetus might touch their legs and face with their hands. They may also touch the umbilical cord with their hands. Your baby’s muscle development speeds up by week 37. That’s when they are capable of grasping their feet and other organs with their fingers.
Thoughts and Memories
Your fetus doesn’t only grow physically, but its brain and intellect also develop during the growth period. Initially, they will respond to the loud noise, but once they get used to the sound, they will stop reacting. Some studies show that your baby can understand your emotional health when they are growing inside you. A baby knows her mother’s voice. They want to hear the same sound they heard inside your womb.
Researchers believe that babies like to hear their mothers speak their native language when communicating with others. The fetus can listen, react, and remember things at some level, but like other children, they will want the comfort of familiar people even when they are in your womb. Talk to the best gynecologist in Navi Mumbai to learn more about the fetus’ development and movements.
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