The other day I received a phone call that gave me pause. Someone I know quite well was pleading with me to vote for the presidential candidate of their choosing. They had seen videos and heard expert testimony about the perils that will befall our country if the other guy wins the election. I have seen this sort of projection on myriad topics, many of which fall within the purview of a candidate’s platform. Topics ranging from healthcare, to global economics, to environmental policies, education and morality are a wellspring of catastrophic predictions on either end of the spectrum. I gave my usual response:

The act of noticing the relationship between cause and effect is realization. Paying attention to any aspect of cause and effect (potential or actual) with strong emotion and/or absolute certainty (belief) is the process of real-ization. WE make it real or perpetuate it. Our attention transforms potential to actual/real. Knock and the door will open. Seek and ye shall find. This is the fulfillment of The Law of Attraction. What we call ‘reality’ is actually bundles of like energy & information vibrating at the speed of light held together by a force we call electromagnetism. We attract our experiences. Like attracts like. The outcome is determined by the observer’s expectation. That is why science uses double-blind studies and placebos. It is also why they cannot get a certain predictable outcome…ever.

Paying attention to what is not wanted is equal to asking for it. We are not here to fix. We are here to CREATE. Let it be. Accept. Contribute with a positive, loving vision with unwavering faith in the goodness of all. It is possible to be of service and value in EVERY situation without having to denigrate what is or who is doing what! You will like what you see. I promise.

These Truths are undeniable and inescapable. They agree with every religion, philosophy, science, tradition, experience, etc. They need as much belief as electricity. Having awakened to this reality, I marvel at how I can ever fall back to sleep! Having once been blind, why do I ever choose not to see again for a time? It begins when I puff with the pride of ‘righteous’ thinking. It is my old nemesis, that ignorant perception, which urges me to judge captiously making me think I know better or am better than another. It is always followed by a faint twinge, a constriction, or uneasiness. It also begins when I feel my stomach 'drop.' I get a sinking feeling that I am not enough, not good enough or less than. I turn that same criticism on myself and attract more negativity to validate my perception.

Thankfully I know now that my discomfort is my IGS (Inner Guidance System) alerting me to the fact that I am real-izing what I do not want. I need to stop fault-finding and recognize that my thinking is wrong. I am at once profoundly appreciative of the fact that I can never be permanently lost again. I know the way out of my messes now. Fortunately, I no longer stay in the discord and can re-awaken. Then, if I have taken my ignorance to the point where an apology or amends is necessary, I do so promptly and get back to the business of joyously creating my vision.

The person that placed that persuasive phone call to me replied with a very familiar caveat explaining that after years of listening to me sing this refrain, finally embracing these Truths was life-changing; BUT this political situation is scary, urgent, and it is a reality! That is like saying gravity applies to small items and not large ones. Many of my clients are ‘successful’ individuals who know these Truths and revere the great masters and agree whole-heartedly with that which is undeniable and yet they defend ‘justifiable resentments,’ embrace a sweatshop mentality with regard to work, believe in competition, compromise themselves and their hearts desire for ‘security,’ and beat themselves up for missteps, etc.

It is important to discern and make choices. That is why we are alive. In order to experience the joy of creating, it is necessary to make choices – that make us feel loving, open, inclusive and expansive. Any sense of physical or emotional constriction is your sign that you are momentarily on a path to destruction. Let go for a moment. Release what you are resisting. You will be creating/contributing again in an instant. You can create the life of your choosing…adhering to this simple formula. If you make a habit of shifting your perception from positive to negative, denigration to elevation, destruction to creation, etc. and observe the results, you will know that this Truth is self-evident.

I will enter the voting booth in November and make the choice that seems most in line with my vision of joy and peace at the time – knowing the only thing that really matters is that I elevate all that I behold and nurture a vision of joy and peace and love regardless of who is “in charge!” How reassuring to know that this is not wishful, Pollyanna thinking…that the science is there to back it up. The Beatles are absolutely correct. All you need is love.

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“when we understand that our circumstances and personal life experiences are the result of our inner life and not the cause, we will pursue peace of mind at all cost.”
— laura nash

Laura Nash is a consultant and instructor, guiding both individuals and groups to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: PEACE OF MIND. Her clients come from all walks of life – CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, professional athletes, artists, physicians – anyone seeking to improve their life. Her philosophy is that people already intuitively know how to solve any dilemma. They, merely, get so bogged down by the details of an issue or the emotion surrounding it, that they cannot discern their own answers. Laura demonstrates how to cut through all the chaos and drama of life to arrive at the simple solution.


Trained and certied by Deepak Chopra, M.D., world renowned author of dozens of best-selling books on the topic of mind-body medicine, Ms. Nash is a well-established teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. With a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, this former institutional bond broker and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, Inc., brings both a philosophical and entrepreneurial perspective to her audience. She is certied to teach the authentic, ancient form of silent meditation from the Yoga tradition of India, as well as “Wellness in the Workplace,” a program designed for companies, based on Dr. Deepak Chopra’s personal development masterpiece, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She was recently awarded for her status as the most active Chopra certied instructor in the world.