Help! I have a hard time sharing my company’s opportunity.

How can I talk about how great the opportunity is, when I’m still barely getting by?

How can I ask someone to join my team, when I don’t feel like a leader?

This is the hard version of recruiting. While you’re one-on-one with a prospect, you are saying something that you don’t believe to be true (“This opportunity is great and you can make a lot of money!”).

Your brain immediately starts up an internal conversation inside your head: “Hey, that’s not really true! You aren’t making a lot of money yet! Why are you saying that? Do you just want to recruit this person, under false pretenses, for your own benefit? Are you lying to them?”

On a practical level, you can’t recruit anyone this way. On an emotional level, it feels horrible.
So how do you get out of this? Do you have to wait until you’re completely successful: making great money, have left your day job, and feel totally confident of your leadership abilities, before you recruit anyone?

Fortunately, this answer is also N-O. You do not have to wait.

Just recognize that you are in process. You are not at the end of your direct selling journey; you’re still on the journey.

Take heart from the fact that you have seen and talked to many women in your company, each of whom is modeling a different kind of success: from someone working part-time to make extra money each month, to someone who is full-time in her business and making good money, to someone who is making GREAT money! All these examples are present in your company, right now.

It’s not necessary for YOU to have lived all these examples yourself; you simply need to be able to share these different examples with a prospect. You are discussing with them what is possible. Their actual results will depend on what they choose to do with the opportunity – neither you nor they can predict that in advance.

The larger answer to recruiting problems is to identify the situations in which you feel totally authentic, and more importantly, the situations when you feel inauthentic.

When you are completely authentic, everything you say and do feels 100% in alignment with your innermost thoughts and actions. Your business feels easy. You are relaxed and can really connect with your conversation partner.

When you feel inauthentic in your words or actions, your brain will start a riot inside your head. You feel stressed; you have a hard time connecting with your conversation partner. Then your business feels impossible.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed in your business, look for places where you feel inauthentic. The minute you address that feeling, you’re on your way to success!


When you’re in the recruiting part of your business, pay close attention to what your internal dialog is. Also notice your feelings.

Whenever your internal dialog starts to go negative, or you start to feel unhappy, ask yourself why. Why is that happening now? What is the underlying concern or worry I have?
Next, don’t judge yourself for having this worry. Instead, ask yourself: How can I address this, so that I feel completely authentic in what I’m saying and doing?

Your feelings are here as guideposts for you. Learn what they mean, what is the lesson they hold, and take action. That’s the fastest way out of inertia in your business!

Author's Bio: 

Marcy Stahl’s passion is helping women direct sellers and solopreneurs achieve the successful lifestyle they want.
She knows that the top entrepreneurs have the top mindsets.
Her mission is to help every entrepreneur develop a profitable and abundant mindset.

Marcy is a serial entrepreneur. Previously, she co-founded and managed a government contracting firm that earned over $1M in annual revenues. She holds a B.S. with honors and M.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University. Prior to coaching, she spent 21 years in the corporate world in technology.

She is the co-author of Direct Selling Power. Marcy is an Area Chapter Coordinator with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) and a member of the Direct Selling Women’s Speaker Bureau. She’s currently in coaching school for direct sellers.