Career success is one of the key elements to happiness. How so? If you feel stuck in your career, lack the recognition you deserve, or feel unfulfilled in your job, the time you spend at it will drag on for what seems like an eternity.
And there's no misery like 9 to 5 misery. That's why it pays to make the most of your office -- so it can pay for you.

Yes, paying attention to your office can pay in rich dividends for your career. You'll notice that once you make changes, corrections, and enhancements to your office, you'll feel differently in it and enjoy your time in your office more.
What's more, everyone who comes into your office, or cubicle, will notice what you have done and will be influenced in their thoughts about your space -- and that will make them feel differently about you.

Think about it. If you hang up letters of appreciation from customers, certificates, awards, or newspaper clippings of your successes and your coworkers enter your office (or more importantly, your boss) and they begin to see some of your accomplishments that were unbeknownst to them before, they will see you in a different light. Chances are you'll see you in a different light, too -- a positive, beneficial, and encouraging one. :)

An office that promotes the success of its occupant should....

Be alert. Make sure poison arrows and problem areas are handled. For instance, you shouldn't be sitting with bookshelves at your back (creates backstabbing and gossip), you wouldn't have the edge of a desk or filing cabinet pointed at you, or have a window or door at your back.

Be clean. Dusty, dirty, and grimy offices collect more negative energy. Take time to regularly straighten and clean your office. Keep garbage cans small so they're regularly emptied. Wipe off phones and computer keyboards and regularly dust your computer.

Be activated. A dull office makes for a dull career. Your office should be bright (keeps lights on, open windows or blinds), should have life in it (small fish in aquarium, plants, pretty flowers), should have movement (small fan blowing or radio playing), gushes about you (pictures, clippings, certificates, diplomas, newspaper articles, letters of appreciation, pictures of you with celebrities or important people).

10 Ways to Make Your Office Make YOU Successful

1. Sit in the lucky corner. This is the corner diagonal to the door and facing the door. This has the most energy and luck associated with it! Do your best to put your desk here.

2. Look at water. Put a picture of water in front of you to stimulate wealth, opportunities to grow your career, and advancement. Want more advancement and money? Add a fountain.

3. Keep open space in front of your desk. Keep your desk clear at the front and keep clear open space in front of your desk. Don't stack files or papers directly in the center of your desk.

4. Have a solid wall at your back. This gives you support -- especially from management.

5. Get yourself some recognition. Hang pictures of success, letters of commendation, awards, etc., on the south wall of your office. Hang them in red frames for extra recognition.

6. Get help from important people. A radio, fan, or 6-rod windchime are all perfect ways to get mentors and benefactors in the workplace. Put these enhancements in the Northwest corner of the office and you will have people come to your aid, help you in your career, and give you recognition.

7. Don't sit near a restroom. Make sure you do not share a wall with a bathroom, sit under a bathroom on the floor above you, see a bathroom from your office, or hear a bathroom (commodes flushing). This will put YOUR career in the toilet.

8. Add pictures of ships. Ships represent good luck coming in and wealth arriving and are especially powerful career enhancers. Place pictures of ships in your office -- especially by the door to indicate good luck sailing in. Make sure ships do not look like they are in rough seas or are dry-docked or out of water, symbolizing a ship going nowhere.

9. Use the front door. Too many employees enter the building where they work through a rear door. This gives you "rear" treatment. Instead, see yourself as an important person in the company and always enter through the front door of the office. Likewise, enter the front door of your home as well and you will DOUBLE your career luck and opportunities.

10. Wear your career colors! Lucky colors are selected by personal feng shui especially if you are interviewing for a new job or attending an important business event or meeting! Kua number 1 people should wear blue or black colors, kua number 2, 5, or 8 people should wear beige, yellow, taupe, or tan, kua number 3 people should wear brown, kua number 4 people should wear green, and kua 6 and 7 people should wear white, pearl, or off-white, and kua number 9 people should wear red. Find your kua number here.

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