Attract the Life of Your Dreams with Words I

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, 2nd Edition 2010, Adele Tartaglia

This article is about how Conscious Languaging, the intentional use of words, manifests your goals without effort. It’s about having the life of your dreams. It’s about the importance of words, believed, spoken or thought.

Everything in your life is described in word pictures; your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, your goals, your programs, your mind, your body and your life events.

You can either choose the words you use to describe your life, or you can use the ones chosen for you by old programming.

Let’s review a few basic tenants.

You can’t keep thinking about and talking about one reality and have another reality show up. Thoughts and words emanate vibratory frequencies that resonate in events and circumstances. The frequencies your mind is sending out from what you don’t want are blocking the frequencies your mind could be sending out… to create what you do want.

There is never a time when your thoughts and your feelings are different than what you are experiencing. And you thoughts and your feelings are expressed in words.

Words manifest your thoughts into concrete three dimensional realities. John 1 says the world was created through the Word. God said let there be light… and there was…light.

And that Word became the God-man Christ who told us even greater things than this you shall do… as part of God source energy. The only reason you are not experiencing life from the viewpoint of your source self, your Authentic Self, the self that is pure unconditional love, unbounded intelligence, unlimited creator, and emanate worthiness is because of the way your think about, talk about, and feel about yourself.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, making full use of the effect of words on our brains and minds, accomplishes miracles in minutes using the power of words, both verbal and non verbal, to alter the way the brain views, reacts to stimuli, and internalizes things.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research states that human thoughts directed at water before it is frozen, result in either beautiful water crystal formations or ugly disjointed formations depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative.
He further states that it is the words themselves that are creating the changes in the form of the matter, i.e., the water. Dr. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music, thought, or by attaching written words to a container of water. Since 1999 Dr. Emoto’s Messages from Water has sizably added to the investigation on the influence of human consciousness on the physical world. He shows pictures of the water before human attention was paid to it and after it was focused on. This illuminating book contains photographs of water crystals next to essays and "words of intent." So it is not only the words we use it is the intent behind those words.

A lot has been written and spoken about being intentional in the last twenty years and yet people still don’t quite know what that means. The power of intention cannot be overestimated.

To create the life of your dreams, you have to intend to have the life of your dreams. It doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t show up from random events sourced out of a 75% negatively programmed unintentional subconscious mind. But it is that very level of mind that is the attracting force for the universe’s law of attraction.

Your desires in life show up when you create what you consciously want by focusing your attention on your intention to have that wonderful life.

Your intentions are expressed by words strung together to express an aspiration. The words you think and say are vital to your success or lack of success in achieving your goals for your life.

The words you speak about your intentional creation, or the words you speak about your non-intentional subconscious creation… either magnify the power of your mind to draw to you what you want… or prevent you from drawing it to you.

You are prevented from attracting your dreams by a mind filled with words that are self sabotaging and discouraging.

The way you tell your story and the way you think about your story is critical to the outcomes you see in your life. And that narrative, no matter how you slant it, optimistically or pessimistically, is perceived and explained by you in words.

The way to change your reality is to change the way you talk about your life events. You must discontinue telling the story of how things are now if you don’t like the way things are now.

Regardless if it’s a true portrayal of current events, it doesn’t serve you to keep reviewing it mentally and discussing it.

I tell my self empowerment students to delete many mass conscious beliefs and programs that are happening in real life but that they don’t want to happen in their lives.

Things such as what’s on the nightly news are surely taking place but no one wants to invite them into their personal lives. So by removing programs such as people lie, cheat, and steal, it prevents you from resonating those kinds of events into your life.

And you have to stop telling tales from the past if it’s a past that made you unhappy, fearful, or dysfunctional today.

You have to start telling the story of how you want things to be. Your mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined so it will believe your new story and begin manifesting it for you. That’s why visualization works and that’s why when you change your beliefs, your life changes automatically.

The words you speak and think cause vibrations in thought and feelings which are either in alignment with what you are trying to manifest…. or out of alignment with what you are trying to manifest.

Your energy field is either in tune with the source field creating what you are trying to bring into your life, or it is out of tune with it.

You can’t be tuned into a crushing childhood and create an empowered adulthood. You have to change the station you’re tuning into to create something different than you’ve already had.

Even if you have to fake it until you make it, if you’re going to tell a story to yourself or to others, it must align with what you desire…. I want more prosperity, more love, more kindness, more health, more wisdom, more peace.

These statements have an entirely different psychic resonance than the following statements… I never have enough money, I have no love in my life, people treat me unkindly, I’m sick all the time, I don’t make good choices, and I’m anxious all the time.

Just reading these last words and thinking about them is diametrically opposed to the feeling you need to have in order to create money, love, kindness, health, wisdom and peace.

And your feelings and your emotions are not only the predictive elements of your future, but they are your barometer of how well you are in alignment with your real self that is part of Source Being that can create what it is that you want.
For years I have advised my clients if they were going to do talk therapy to get a psychiatrist who allowed them to keep moving on to new topics instead of repeating the same story hoping to get insight out of it. In my field many talk therapists have the client recite their story repeatedly during the same session in order to flatten the emotional impact on the psyche. This is a hard and traumatic way to lessen the emotions attached to an event when we could simply remove the trauma involved and restructure a new frame on the event itself.

We learn a lot about ourselves and our lives by talking things out and listening to ourselves. It is now known that talking does change the brain. In addition to this benefit, what is also very influential in moving a client toward emotional healing is the feeling they have that some one cares about what has happened to them and believes they can learn to handle life events from a more functional way after assisting them to healing. For many, talking to a counselor is validation of themselves and their feelings for the first time in their life.

On the other hand, I get clients who have been doing talk therapy for years and feel worse after every session of repeating the same material and still have the same problem they went to therapy for. This intensive concentrated energy on their problem just keeps drawing the same type incidents to them. Additionally it cements in their consciousness that they are victims or perpetrators, whatever identity they have assumed in their story.

The art of manifesting is based on aligning your energy frequencies to the frequencies of what you want to show up and is accomplished by intense emotional focus on that desired goal. Whatever you focus your attention on is going to be attracted into your life, over and over until you stop focusing on it, so repetition of troubling events keeps you in the loop of repetitive life patterns.

The reason is that the more you tell you sad story, your accounting of betrayal, deception, and disillusionment, the bigger you make that program in the subconscious mind.

So you are re-imprinting yourself every time you repeat it and you are enlarging your unconscious programmed response to current stimuli.

You are also re-traumatizing yourself with every telling of a traumatic story because every event has an attending emotion attached to it that you felt at the time of the event.

From this reinforced highly charged program, your unconscious automatic response emotionally and behaviorally stays the same until you delete the program not until you get an insight from talking about it. If you finally get an insight but do not remove the underlying beliefs creating the original incident, you will just attract to you another incident of like kind based on the causal beliefs that are still in place in the subconscious mind.

Memories and emotions are set ups for creating future events according to the NIH Study by Dr. Candace Pert as stated in her Molecules of Emotion book. It behooves us to stop burying them in the unconscious mind and deal with them when they come up for healing and resolution.

To continue, that part of your mind, your non-discerning, non-analytical hard drive, goes to the strongest program to react to present day stimuli. And the more emotional and traumatic your story, the stronger the memory tracings are and thus the programs created by those tracings.

So every time you get scared someone is lying to you or setting you up, your hardrive cues in the words deception, lying, manipulating, pain, and loss and all the other associated cues with being deceived, as it reacts to your fear response.

And, interestingly enough, your responses to today’s event are the same responses you described in your “story” that you felt at the time of the original event.

Often age regression happens too and you are triggered back to the age you were during the traumatic experience.

Now if your story was a great one, a successful one, it would benefit you to tell it continually to program yourself. But it can’t be too terrific a tale or you wouldn’t be in therapy and you wouldn’t be bemoaning your misery to your friends either.

In effect, you keep repeating the same experiences, or like experiences, over and over and over again because that has become the most dominant program on relationships in your subconscious mind because you have told your story a hundred times and believed it.

This is the answer to “Why is this happening to me again?” Because you still have the same program installed responding to the same type of stimuli in the same way and you keep getting triggered to do the same thing all over again.

So before I tell you how to stop repetitive life patterns from re-occurring, we have to stop for today and resume in the next article with the solution.

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