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Do your clients have specific needs, wants and desires? Yes, they do. When your clients feel dissatisfied, don’t they seek ways to resolve their dissatisfaction?

People passionate about something, make an issue of it or support a cause that makes things better concerning the issue or cause. You can use your holistic health business products or services to support an important cause and make a change for good.

Sponsor a Brief Informational Seminar That Helps Your Target Market
For example, use a holiday and provide a public presentation. Let’s use Thanksgiving as an example. Suppose your holistic health business sells items or you offer a service that reduces stress. You can use your business in a joint venture to promote a peaceful, happy, low stress Thanksgiving. By doing a joint venture with a local business and non-profit charity your business gets promoted, too. (You can apply this concept to other holidays as well.)

You Can Increase Your Sales by Offering to Help
How would you use your business to promote a reduced stress Thanksgiving? You contact a local business and offer to do a thirty-minute stress reduction seminar of interest to that local business’ customers. Each person attending your presentation pays $10. Publicize that some of the event’s proceeds go to a local charity. Make sure to collect the names and contact info of attendees. This will be a customer list for you, the local business and the charity.

How Do You Know What Topic to Present?
If you are unsure what topic interests the local business’ customers, do a topic survey. Ask customers what knowledge they’d be willing to pay for to reduce their Thanksgiving Day holiday stress.

Possible Local Businesses to Contact for Your Joint Venture
Possible holistic health related businesses for this joint venture might be chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, integrative medical doctors, massage therapists, exclusive boutiques, yoga studios, spa type stores, insurance companies, medical supply companies, health food stores, book stores, etc..

Explain that the local business benefits in many ways by agreeing to participate in the joint venture. For example, 1)The business owner gets favorable publicity from the event; 2) The event increases customer traffic to the store; 3)The customers get something they wanted because they were surveyed first; and 4)The local charity gets money for a worthy cause.

You benefit because you stand out from your competitors by doing what no other holistic health provider did. That makes you very unique and more desired compared to your competitors. Why? Because we all like different, one-of-a-kind, unique things. It’s a win-win-win all around!

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Susan Fox is a certified hypnotist, brain dialog researcher and freelance copywriter. She loves helping clients attract clients and promote their business.