You'll need a skilled divorce law attorney in Palos Park, IL, to protect you during the time of separation from the spouse.

Even though Illinois divorce rules have changed to make it easier for unsuitable spouses to get a
divorce, divorces in Palos Park, IL, is rarely uncomplicated – even when the parties file for an "uncontested divorce." A variety of circumstances or facts might complicate a divorce:

● If a couple is divorced and has children, they must agree on who will be the primary residential parent and how often the other parent will see the child, or the court will make these judgments.
● If a divorced couple acquired any property during their marriage — a house, a car, even a DVD collection - they must either decide how to split these assets fairly or have a court do so.
● Even if the couple has no children and no marital assets, spousal support cases can take months to resolve.

The stress and complication of divorce procedures necessitate competent and knowledgeable legal counsel throughout the process. Putting your faith in incompetent legal advice or electing to "go it alone" can be fatal, costing you time and money. Instead, put your faith in Arami Law, the Divorce Attorneys firm in Palos Park, IL, to protect your legal rights and interests during your divorce.

The divorce process is fraught with myths and falsehoods. These can be costly, resulting in irreversible financial injury, a waiver of crucial legal rights, and (in some situations) criminal charges? For instance, Are you aware of that?
● Any marriage you enter into before a court declares you divorced may be deemed void? You are not "divorced" if you file for divorce.

● When distributing marital property, a court must treat you and your ex-spouse equitably, but it does not have to give you both a fair ratio?
Parenting time and custody are decided based on what is in the "best interests of the child," not on who is the better parent or who can pay more for the child.
Arami Law's divorce attorneys will strive to meet your goals and intended objectives for your divorce, clear up any legal ambiguities, and actively advocate your concerns throughout the process.


Whether you are planning to file for divorce or your ex-spouse has already begun divorce procedures against you, Arami Law will assist you. During an Illinois divorce, we work hard to preserve your legal interests and achieve your goals. Divorce law attorney Palos Park IL can assist you in retaining valuable assets, obtaining (or resisting) spousal maintenance, and obtaining custody of your children.

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