After a number of recent conversations and happenings, coupled with self reflection, I think the biggest change in my life over the past number of years has been an attitude adjustment.

Years ago, it was far too easy to fall into the negative.

One of my symptoms was frequently knocking others, finding the bad in them. Another was a sense of gloom that could take over the sunniest day. The gloom through me frequently into procrastination, I just couldn’t get things done unless my back was against a wall, and even then I was often late with “stuff”.
I could go on, and I know many can add to this. Today I know my problem was “attitude”.

Yes I had other issues. Safe to say I had an outward big ego coupled with inner fear and self loathing. What a dangerous combination. I created my own “Disney World” and found both mood altering substances and behaviours that would, for a short period, allow me to escape the real world and all its’ tough situations and live in my fantasy land. I could look into the future and see grandiose things happening-fame and fortune and the admiration of others coming my way. But man, truth of the matter was I did not want to deal with the real issue-me and my attitude toward life.

I have a good friend and author by the name of Paul McCabe who wrote a book of simple truths worth reading-“Feed the Good Dog”. One thing that Paul has drilled into me is a huge truth; “Life is tough”.

In years gone by, life was tough and I chose to escape to Disney World. Upon reflection, I would have to say the past decade has been as tough, maybe even tougher, yet I deal with it far differently and am an optimistic person who gets enjoyment out of nearly every day.
What happened?

With the fullness of hind sight, I can say simply that I have undergone a major change of attitude and addressed the causes of my problems. In doing this, I have been free of my “addictions” for an extended period of time and have a whole new set of skills in my life tool box that I can draw on.

There is an old saying; gratitude is an attitude and this is now a part of my subconscious daily living. Life remains with its difficulties but when the darkness starts up inside of me (and it does) I quickly focus on the many things I have to be grateful for. Each of us is capable of finding them if we learn how to find them! So I try to live daily with an attitude of gratitude and this has caused a major attitude adjustment in my life.

What a blessing to appreciate the good that has been bestowed on me; truly an unmerited gift but a gift I accept with thanks.
There was a process that I learned from others that brought me from a negative place and trips to “Disney World” to a place where I see sunshine just about daily. The attitude adjustment brought about with “guided growth” allows me to live in the real world and deal soberly with problems that used to baffle me.

Life at certain times remains tough, but from the tools gained from a variety of “life coaching” experiences, I live my days today with a whole new positive take on life.

If you look at life through a derrier, all you see is brown stuff. Today I like the place I look at life from, and it impacts on all around me. Most importantly, I like living in my own skin. This is a major positive attitude adjustment.

Author's Bio: 

Keith Bray is a Master Coach working with those with substance abuse and other living issues offering affordable rehab by phone.