The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. --Swedish proverb
Every now and again a quote comes to you that is just so obvious but true!
There are so many looking for help, looking to others to “fix” them and take responsibility for them
Getting help does start at the end of your arm; it sure did for me.
We are entering into a period of time which for many of us is supposed to be “Joyous” and fun no matter what your religion. For many this time of the year has a strong religious component.
For far too many, this is a very tough time of the year. It is depressing, particularly when you feel you are not a part of what’s going on, you have a black cloud over your head, or you are not materially in a good place.
Like many others, I believe that we have lost what is really important;” the spirit” of the season.
I marvel each year at this time as people come forward and give to others. Whether it is toys, money, food, clothing or more, many do what they can to insure others can materially enjoy the basics of the season.
What troubles me is that there are far too many that take all they can from the helping hand, and do not look at the end of their own arm. Nothing changes unless something changes and in my case, that something had to be me. Courage is needed to break the negative cycle some get caught up in. To get help, your arm must reach out.
This is a season that is truly spiritual, and in reaching out you may be directed to something inside of you; at your very centre.
I am a long time recovering addict and I do believe in holistic life recovery with a spiritual component (not necessarily religious). I read “recovery” literature and often quote from it. From the book “Keep It Simple”, a Hazelden publication, the following hit home today:
“We do this by finding our spiritual center. This is the place inside of us where our Higher Power lives. We turn our will and our lives over to this spiritual center. We do as our spiritual center tells us. And from our spiritual center, we'll find our values. We'll live better lives. We'll come to trust ourselves again.”
While the “this” talked about refers to self-trust, if you reach out and look, you will find that this “spiritual centre” is the fulcrum for a mentally healthy balanced life.
To my Christian friends may you fully embrace the spiritual base of this holiday, to all others, may the “spirit of the season” touch you as you have some time to relax. If you’re looking for a hand, start at the end of your own arm. You will never know where it leads until you try. (

Author's Bio: 

Keith Bray is a Master Certified Life Coach and Certified Addictions Coach working mainly with professionals and senior managers.