Mukhtar A. sheikh Hospital is making great difference in the Southern region of Punjab by providing standard quality medical facilities to locals aligned with international practices. The hospital is backed by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust is committed to up rise the living standards of people in Multan and its suburbs. The Trust has also established a school for girls in the vicinity which is putting its full efforts in educating girls. MAST believes that health and education are the two most essential things for prosperity of any society thus it is working towards providing both these facilities to the people of South Punjab.

MASH, one of its kind tertiary health care unit in Southern Punjab

MASH is the tertiary health care unit which has no match in the region. It is super equipped with all the latest machinery along with well learned and experienced human resource, be it the best orthopedic surgeon, the best gynecologist, the best oncologist the best ENT specialist and anyone who is the best in his field, would be found practicing at MASH. The paramedical staff working at MASH is also fully trained and certified from the nursing institute in the premises.

MASH provides exceptional services for everyone

The hospital has many departments which are in service of the people round the clock. It takes care of the people in every possible way.

The best geriatrics services are provided to senior citizens

The hospital provides geriatrics services as well. Geriatrics services are specialized services provided to the elderly people. MASH understands the need of senior citizens, people who are above the age of sixty and takes care of them. They treat elderly people to improve their health. Following are the geriatrics services MASH provides to the elderly people.

Boost immunity of the old age people

The doctors focus on developing their immunity so that if some disease attacks on them, they are healthy enough to fight with that.

Takes special care of disabilities

If an elderly person has some kind of disability then the geriatrics team at MASH, makes sure that their condition doesn’t get worse, and the doctors ascertain that the patients don’t experience any pain.

The mental stress is watched out

At this old age, the challenge which most of the patients face, apart from physical illness is mental stress. The geriatrics team at MASH, understands this and treat them accordingly.

All kinds of therapies are given to the patients at MASH

At such old age, people often have issues with movement and speaking, hence most of the people need therapies. The geriatrics team at MASH is totally devoted to treat such old people. The hospital fully facilitates them with physical therapy sessions. The patients who have speaking issues they are cured by speech therapy, and similarly, the old citizens are provided with cognitive therapies and the special nutrition department also aids them to improve their health.

The hospital has a well-equipped radiology department which fully aids senior citizens

The hospital has a fully equipped radiology department, where all the available techniques of radiology in Pakistan are practiced. If any senior citizen needs to get diagnosis or treatment through radiology procedures then the hospital provides them round the clock. With all the remarkable facilities provided at MASH, make it the best hospital in Pakistan.

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