Astrological Remedies: Business Problem
Remedies for business success:
Place a figurine of an owl in the locker or cupboard where you keep your money.
Pray to Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays and light 9 ghee lamps.
Place a Vastu Aishwarya Lakshmi Photo at the front door in the northeast direction.
Offer water to the rising Sun and chant the Gayatri mantra.
Make a swastika on the entrance door of your business workplace.
To seek the blessings of your forefathers, Keep a photograph of him in your place of business.

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Remedies for business growth:
Fix the Siddha Vyapaar Vriddhi yantra in your business workplace at an auspicious time.
Keep Sea salt in small bowls in your shop.
Clean off all cobwebs in the workplace area frequently.
Keep Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi’s idol in the northeast direction of your business area.
Keep a small hand mirror in your locker. Keep cleaning it every time you see it.
buy some toys and donate them to small orphan children.

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Sri Tulasi is an expert Indian astrologer having 40 years of experience in astrology.