Do you have a child that is asthmatic or that suffers from eczema? Might be what you are feeding him or her! According to Yahoo! Shine, in an article posted on 1-14-13, the results of a recent study has confirmed that the more your kids are fed fast food the more they are susceptible too dealing with asthma and eczema. The study was done with nearly 2 million children from 100 countries and the results are very stable. It was even able to show that if your child ate fast food, such as burgers and fries three or more times a week that they were at risk for more than just a little extra weight gain. It showed that they were at risk to develop these two medical disorders.

Even though there have been some revamping of children's meals in our popular fast food chains, that does not make way for parents to allow their children to eat more and more fast food. Fast food is still too salty and still very unhealthy and actually many studies show that allowing your children to eat so much fast food is detrimental to their health and will cut their life expanse greatly. "Fast food is rich in industrially hydrogenated vegetable fats such as margarine which are dietary sources of trans fatty acids, and there is some evidence that dietary intake of trans fatty acids is associated with asthma," they wrote in their study according to Yahoo! Shine. The research concluded that diets rich in vegetables and fresh fruits greatly reduced the kids risks and the kids over all health was greatly improved.

This means that we should be feeding our kids less fast food, less processed junk and GMO (genetically altered) foods and more vegan/vegetarian type foods. The bottom line we all should know and understand by now is that if we want our kids to have more energy and want to do things outdoors that are healthy for them, we must feed them properly. We should all understand that a child is growing still. That means their brains are in a developmental stage and should be nourished not abused by food. One father states that, "Fast food should be considered and used as a treat and treated as sugar and candy is. You wouldn't feed your kids candy for a meal would you?"

As a father myself I feel it is way past time to teach the current generation of kids how to eat and live properly. Showing them that it is ok to stop in for that burger and fries weekly is just not the right way. Instead, take the kids home and show them how to cook a real healthy meal with fresh vegetables and healthy grains that are glutton free.

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