We roll into a new week, and I look forward to it! Interesting things happened last week, one in particular that reminded me that I have no control over people in my life, particularly my adult children.
While I can’t control them, I am amazed, with all the work I have done on myself, how much their actions can still hurt! But with the help of a power greater than me and a little time we do move on. The space in my head has value, and there’s no point in letting things that don’t pay rent to occupy that space.
Another great reminder, it is very difficult for others to ask for help. Some do when there back is up against a wall; others never do and generally suffer because of their pride and false ego.
I can well remember the time in my life that asking for help in many areas was a very difficult, if not impossible, task. I was one of those who whose back was forced up against a wall. I was about to lose the things that were most important to me; not material things but relationships that meant everything.
It goes without saying; I had lost a good relationship with myself many years ago.
It took a real act of courage on the part of my life partner to force me into action. I was a miserable person wallowing in self pity and remorse when I reached out for professional help.
Funny thing, when I finally swallowed my pride and checked my ego at the door, there was great help available, and in asking for it and taking action, I began to get my life back!
Try as I did, I could not fix myself and it took “help” from many others along with personal action to get things going in a positive direction.
This weekend, I was reminded by a couple of very close friends on how difficult it was to ask for help. Ironically, as I was at this very juncture of writing, the phone rang and another long time acquaintance called and reluctantly asked for help and stated that she had a real battle with her ego to ask! Things do happen in mysterious ways, and maybe the timing of your reading this blog will be just what you need at this moment.
The bottom line- if you’re feeling things closing in on you and your back is against the wall, swallow your pride, check your ego and reach out for help. It’s tough to do, it does require courage, but you will find help available and who knows, you might get to the life you truly deserve! (

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