How does one ask better questions after 40? This is not an easy task. Normally, by this point of life, we have established our routine of life. We have jobs whether we like them or not and relationships whether we like them or not. As a result of this, to make a big change seems impossible if not crazy.

First –deep reflection

The challenge however is until we take the time to think deeply about what we want and why nothing significant will change much in our life.

Don’t wait for a crisis

Many people are forced to make major change in mid-life after a crisis occurs. This can be due to a health scare, a relationship break-up, a job loss, a financial crisis.

Mid-life is a time for a crusade

Mid-life is a time for a crusade and not a crisis. In fact, despite common thinking that midlife brings the crisis, many people experience their second half of life to be the most joyful, energy filled and happiest times of their lives.

What separates those with the crisis vs. the crusade?

In life we are either moving towards what we want or moving away from what we don’t want. Those who have a crusade figure out what they want and why.

How to make your life a crusade?

First, invest the time to get to know yourself at a deep level. Where do you want to make a contribution in the world right now? What is most important to you and why? What new goals can you create right now that match your values?

Start with a big change

Small steps are too conservative for those over 40 when it comes to moving towards what we want. It takes big steps to establish new momentum, new energy, and new possibilities. If one is happy in life and work, this part can be skipped, but sadly this is not the case for many people.

What does big change look like?

Are your relationships holding you back? Change your relationships. Is your own attitude holding you back? Change your attitude. Finally, is your history holding you back? Change your perspective and start to look forward and no longer backwards in your life.

You already have what you need!

You have the intelligence, inner motivation, ability, and options all available for you to make big changes in your life which is required to recreate a second half of life which works better for you.

There is a difference

There is a difference between decision and action. There are probably many people who saw the title of this article and decided they should read it and did not. You are different. You saw the title of this article and took action to read it. There is a difference. You can recreate a second half of life in ways which works best for you. You will however have to make major change now if your current life is not working just perfect for you. You deserve it, you can do this, and I will be cheering for you!

Craig Nathanson

Author's Bio: 

Craig is a 25 year management veteran, Executive coach, college professor, author, and workshop leader. Also, Craig Nathanson is The Vocational Coach helping people and organizations thrive in their work and life.

Craig Nathanson is the founder of The Best Manager , workshops and products aimed at bringing out the best in those who manage and lead others.