Many people around us aspire to become artists. Art as a discipline has dramatically evolved over time, and it still enjoys the same importance it did centuries ago, maybe even more. Art became a profession that interests more and more people as we move forward. Ancient times gave birth to contemporary artists who dramatically transformed the entire spectrum of this field.

Fast-forward a few centuries when progress in science and technology started taking place, the discipline of art began to lose its charm. Fewer people were now interested in pursuing art as a full-time career. This is primarily because not many people were able to picture a promising future in the world of art. Most people saw that artists in the past never prospered in their lives, and were only lingering in melancholy, alcoholism, and poverty. It was indeed the fate of many artists back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

However, things have changed since then, and gradually, the world is coming to realize that being an artist is as noble a profession as being a doctor or an engineer. In fact, artists are known for being generous with societal works like charity. Furthermore, artists are often a source of inspiration for the younger generations to look up to and seek their motive in life.

So it is safe to state that pre-established attributions regarding art are now slowly dissipating from the face of the earth. Art is now being acknowledged as a promising career choice in the modern world. The fascination with art has now dramatically changed, and young people find art as a way of expressing the deepest ideas and thoughts which resides in one’s heart and mind. People are actually taking a step towards art in expressing themselves on a greater level, something that most artists in the ancient times used to do.

On the other hand, technology has also benefitted the entire spectrum of art around the globe. Using technology, the gaps are being bridged and reduced in numbers. Artists can now easily network with one another. Amateurs are learning about professionals, and contemporary artists of today’s world are being sought as great examples.

Mike Habs is an excellent example in this regard. He is a US-based contemporary artist, originally from Chicago. Since childhood, Mike had a profound interest in art. He brushed up his skills by sketching and painting and practiced other varieties of his skill for long hours in order to diversify his skill set, which helped him become the artist he is today.

Mike is fond of visual arts, and the street art style fascinates him the most. He has also done multiple exhibitions in his career. Mike’s credible works became a part of NBC’s “Will & Grace” and ABC’s “For The People”. He remains quite a good source of inspiration for those who want to pursue art as a full-time career.

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