In the world which is growing too fast, everyone is in hurry and busy with their lives. We all have become too habitual of fast paced life. Everything around us is running too swiftly that, if someone has to wait for something, it gets boring, there is no patience left, and that is the norm of this generation. Now they want everything perfect and that too in the snap of a second. The improvements in technology has certainly made man’s life easy. In today’s age it is hard to imagine a home with no smart LED TV. It is no more a luxury but has become a necessity.

Since the smart technology has transformed the meaning of television, now the TV is not only used to watch shows or to stay updated with the news. It has become an entity which can perform many tasks for you.

The induction of Artificial Intelligence Technology in smart LED TV

With the induction of artificial intelligence technology in smart LED TVs, the TV has not remained the same. Not so long ago, no one could think that a microwave oven could be controlled with the help of a smart LED TV, or the curtains of your home could be put off by ordering the smart LED TV. Now with advanced feature of Google Home instilled in TVs, this all is possible.

Best Led tv in Pakistan

Specifications of certified android TV series introduced by Multynet

Multynet has introduced three latest series of certified android TVs claiming to be the best LED in Pakistan, and with the described features, it indeed seems to be the best LED TV in Pakistan. The certified android TV has 4K picture resolution projecting HD and HDR10 visuals. The android TV has built in chromecast, satellite receiver, digital tuner and Bluetooth enabling you to connect multiple devises at one time. The smart LED TV has quad core processor which maximizes its performance. It also comes with licensed NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime video. All these series are available in market in the most economical prices. The most interesting feature Multynet has introduced in this series is of Google Home, which makes it the best LED TV.

Manage your home with Google Home feature of certified android TV

Google Home is the feature which enables the smart LED TV to connect with all the artificially intelligent devises and then allows you to operate all these devises from your phone, be wherever you are in the house. The mind boggling feature gives the access to all the devises running at your home, giving you the charge with comfort. Be it lights you want to dim, lying in the bed or you want to turn off your oven on time. This amazing feature does this all for you. Multynet is thriving to make your life better in every possible way. It is the face of future. The time is not a far when Multynet will rule the Pakistani and global consumer market for electronics by providing the premium quality products.

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