Have you had, in your moments of contemplation, evaluate the possessions you have? Did you ask yourself if the things you dearly hold are really worth having? There are many possessions we want to acquire in life, but most of the time we found ourselves deeply attached once we have what we aspire. We have become blind to the important things that are really worth treasuring.

The most important possession to acquire in life has been a question I long to resolve. But there is a big hindrance in my pursuit for answers. External forces for which I am threaded clouds the road of this exploration, I am pulled back to the more realistic pursuit of worldly possession. In every province of my longings there’s relatively an ideal match upon which my lack will be satisfied. All of us fall subservient to this collective consensus of idealism, we do not even take into consideration a full examination of this inclination. Let me sight briefly as I go on what these “ideal” possession I am talking about as well as its tendency to corrupt our being.

Since time immemorial, wealth creation has occupied most of the goals of man. Financial wealth has been the king amongst all of treasured possessions. From it spawns many privileges which alleviate one’s condition in life. The experience of material satisfaction is truly exhilarating that some believes it will bring everlasting happiness. Though it is the privilege of man to possess abundance of this form, we should not limit our endeavors on this material benefit alone. Financial prosperity is only a tool for diversifying our experience—not to be revered as god on which to worship. Idolatry on this material aspect bounds a person to the vice of greed; obsessed into acquiring more, our reason is slowly disintegrating. Consequently, we become slaves of our wealth, and no matter how much we acquire, there will be no satisfaction. Becoming drones of our affluence we become disillusioned into believing we can carry it in the afterlife. Experiencing all the conveniences wealth has to offer, one can easily be drowned in its enchanting sea of decadence.

Power and influence come in second in the hierarchy of man’s treasured possession. These highly venerated possessions are the most blinding and the most destructive possession one can acquire. It can easily lead a person into the delusion of omnipotence. Having power at our disposal we fell out of touch with our own vulnerability. We are poisoned into believing the eternity of our reign. Notice most of the prominent leaders and authorities of the past and the present, they all fall prey to this deception that destroys one’s soul. Power and influence is tempting, blinding, treacherous, addicting and maddening. I’m not a hypocrite to profess immunity to its charm, but I cannot allow myself to sit on its throne. Even if I have all the power in the world, pinching myself is more than enough to realize my own mortality, one must keep in mind to step above the influence of power.

Lastly, there is one possession we truly treasure yet are unaware that we do—ignorance. Irrespective of one’s status, ignorance has been tightly embraced by many people. Instead of evolving for the better, most of us display bigotry in defending our ignorance. We don’t want to listen, we don’t want to be corrected, we don’t want to accept our errors, we don’t want to be lectured and we don’t want anything that challenges our long held beliefs. Such is the character of ignorance. Some may say that no one in their right minds would treasure ignorance, but look at our present time—it is full of manifestation of ignorance regarding nature, sanctity of life, honorable virtues and man himself.

All of the treasured possession I have cited above is not a disadvantage in itself. In fact, they are necessary in order to accelerate our understanding of reality. However, most are beguiled by its seeming grandiosity; instead of using it to our advantage, we have become its slaves.

The most important possession worth treasuring lies within us. And for me it is the possession of self mastery. Everything is bound to perish in this physical form. However, the inner knowing shall not—it shall live long after the body is gone.

Life is like a dream. When we dream, everything that’s in it we bring not when we wake up, EXCEPT the experience of it. Same is true with the life we are now occupying. The moment our time comes, we will carry with us nothing that belong to this world, except the wisdom and understanding we chose to acquire from it.

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Walter Adena Cabelis is the author of www.lionslinger.com. A deep thinking blogger who shares the lessons he had learned from his pursuit of finding the truth about life.