In as few as five minutes you can reduce your stress with an ancient method of relaxation called qigong (pronounced chee gong). Qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Early practitioners found it to be useful for many different health problems. They also used it to increase their strength as martial artists and it has also been used to help people achieve spiritual goals. Qigong can be easy to learn and highly effective for reducing stress and increasing energy. This ancient system of quiet slow movements is done in co-ordination with breathing while in a meditative state of mind.

The challenges of todays world offer more stress than we are usually able to relieve in our daily lives. With qigong, in a few short minutes, that sense of stress can be greatly relieved. Some types of qigong can be done within the confines of your office or even on a long airplane flight. I have personally found that qigong practice reduces my stress and increases my energy and has also helped my sleep patterns, as well as my digestion.

If you are busy in a stressful job or if you, like me, give a huge amount of energy to your work and to your clients, you may find that this ancient practice will not only help you reduce your stress and fill you back up with energy it can also actually help you in your work.

We use energy in our work. Not only do we use physical energy, but we use emotional energy as well. When you are spent emotionally, you are less effective. When you are charged up you are more effective. This applies across the board. When I say charged up, I dont mean hyped-up like a balloon full of hot air, that when let go flies around the room for a few seconds a great speed and then deflates and crashes to the ground. I mean charged up like a battery that will hold its energy until the right moment and then gives just what is necessary to produce results, conserving the rest of the energy until it is needed. Qigong practice is like charging up the battery. Qigong can recharge your emotional battery as well as your physical and mental reserves.

By using qigong's simple methods, you can reduce your stress and increase your energy. That's pretty good! Today in the modern world, where we have never ending stressors and few releases for the stress that we accumulate, we could all use a little help University researchers, school teachers, physicians and Fortune 500 executives are all beginning to experience the effectiveness of qigong.

You owe it to yourself to reduce your emotional, physical and mental stress and increase your energy reserves. Moving forms of qigong give you an additional dynamic. Five to fifteen minutes a day can make a noticeable difference, sometimes in areas that you wouldn't expect, like your sleep, your productivity, or even your sex life. There are thousands of types of qigong. Would suggest starting with something that is simple to learn and that you can do in fifteen minutes or less. For most, that will be enough to make a difference.

Good Luck and Good Health!

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Author's Bio: 

Michael Roland received his Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993. He worked in Dr. Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, from 1997 to 2006, as clinician, preceptor, editor and consultant. Michael has written protocols for a studying the effects of Chinese medicine on heart transplant patients for the National Institutes of Health in the United States.
He has also taught clinical practices courses at the Arizona School for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Under his appointment as Clinical Lecturer at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine, he has participated in multidisciplinary training sessions for third and fourth year medical students. Michael has studied under recognized masters in Beijing, PRC and Taiwan.
Michael now practices his disciplines in a remote healing format with clients from around the world.