Do you have a very strong locus of control? You know - you feel absolutely in control of your own destiny, know how to influence, make decisions, take risks, create results...

I'm a bit like that.

OK, a lot like that.

I've been an independent little tot since I was able to walk. Mum had to keep me tethered with a rope around my waist to keep me from running away to explore something or other. (She was also 9 months pregnant with my sister, so don't be too horrified!)

As someone who likes to be fully in control of her destiny, you can see how things not going to plan might get under my skin. (Actually, drive me completely bonkers!) Can you relate?

Or perhaps you are a chronic worrier - constantly forecasting the worst case sccenario, trying to figure out what to do, what not to do, and everything in between.

Both the go-getter and the worrier can fall into the trap of trying to micro-manage the Universe.

Let's remember what our role is in the deliberate creation process:

1. Figure out what we truly want;

2. Feel good and follow inspiration to fun action;

3. Receive with expectation and joyful appreciation.

The Universe is activated by your vibration and energy of like-vibration is attracted to it. So everything you think and feel about most is drawn to you.

So where does worrying and stress fit in that equation? Where is the risk management? Where is the planning for outcomes and alternative plans and scenario planning?

None of that stuff fits. In fact, it just gets in the way. It creates negative vibrations that attract more irritating people, resources, and situations. Worrying kinks the vibe.

Plus when you've got your nose stuck looking at each blade of grass, you miss the view - and the opportunities that are sitting right there in front of you.

Stop trying to play the role of the Universe!

Imagine trying to be in control of other things you know the Universe handles for you: breathing, heartbeat, digestion, cell rejuvenation, dreams, instinct, hearing, and so on. There a gazillion bodily processes at work here, most of which you do not have conscious control, nor would you want to! Way too much detail.

And yet we can get so stuck on trying to fill in the blanks of our goals with the what ifs, if onlys, and yeah buts, and so on.

Like when I try and plan my travel and career around conception and possible pregnancy. (I love that about myself! I am so funny - as if I could schedule a miracle and blessed event like I would a dentist appointment.)

Like when I try and predict revenue six months from now and work a plan backwards from that. (Why be so limiting? If I let the Universe handle the detail, the results can flow in even more amazing ways than simply following a detailed action plan.)

Like when I have imaginary stressful conversations with Rob, a colleague, a possible but non-existent critic...(Sheesh I crack myself up! I imagine drama like I was the starlet in some Jane Austen novel. I love that I have a brilliant imagination.)

Here's the thing, folks - the Universe has a whole lot more imagination and resources than we do in our tiny, limited, conscious perspective. So quit getting in the way!

This is what letting the Universe handle things looks like:

1. My intention and desire is to get pregnant and have a baby and enjoy the fruits of my work at the same time.

To allow this to happen I need to think, feel, and believe:

I can handle anything that comes up. There is always perfect timing in all things. There is always a perfect solution. All is well. I am perfectly ready for a baby.

See how that feels better than, 'If I get pregnant in January that means i will need to re-schedule those flights, find a new facilitator for that program, negotiate new terms in my contract...'

Ick. So much easier to just surrender.

2. My intention is to enjoy a financially robust business and abundant flow of clients.

To allow this to happen I need to think, feel, and believe:

I am in constant resonance with abundance and prosperity. My perfect clients are seeking me and are discovering me in perfect timing. Everything I do in my business is drawing in the perfect resources and clients that are appreciative and desirous of my work.

3. My intention is to connect genuinely and authentically from a place of love with everyone in my life.

To allow this to happen I need to think, feel, and believe:

I am not responsible for what anyone else thinks or feels. I am responsible for how I feel and think. I connect deeply and appreciate others, even when we disagree. I hold everyone in high regard, even when they disagree with me.

Our role in the creative attraction process is to manage how we feel about what we want to create and attract. When we are guided by what feels good, and it behooves us to take action that feels inspired and fun (and not a pain in the bum).

So we can make plans and do scenario planning - but from a place of fun and delighted expectation - not from stressed out freakiness.

And when it all gets too much - too much trying to make it happen, too much trying to predict outcomes, too much worrying about what other people are thinking and feeling, too much trying to weigh up the best action to take, the best thing you can do is say:

"I'm turning this one over to the Universe."

And doesn't it feel great to know that you have the Universe handling the details for you? And when you are in that place of relief, you are lined you with what you want.

With love and appreciation.

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