Even with everything we've been hearing about the economy, people are still spending money. I stood in line to buy my chai latte at Starbucks...people were buying expensive coffee! I stood in line at the supermarket waiting to buy my groceries...people's carriages were filled to the top with food! And, when I went to Mall, the parking lot was full and the stores were packed with people buying clothes, shoes, and accessories...especially iPods at the Apple Computer Store!
Even with all the changes going on, people are still willing to pay for services that help them solve their pain and make them feel good.

No matter what's going on around you, you still have a say in how your business is going to grow. During this period, more than ever before, you can thrive in your business. You see people need your services and will still pay for a solution.
The choice is yours. You can believe everything you're hearing on the news, pull in your reins and stop being proactive, or you can find creative ways to grow your business and get out there and meet with new prospects.

I recently spoke to a client. Although her business is growing and she desperately needs to hire someone to install blinds, she was going to pull back. She said with everything she's been hearing about the economy, she was afraid to spend any money. I could hear in her speaking that she was choosing to survive rather than thrive. And, when you come from a place of survival, you've put a lid on growing. How sad that she believed everything she heard.

As the Laws of Attraction states, "Like attracts like, and you attract what you think you deserve." This means that what you are focused on and the emotions behind those thoughts, draws more of the same to you. If you focus on "not enough money," what are you drawing to you? The answer is simple, "not enough money." So if that is true, focus more on attracting "more money, more business, more opportunities, more clients, more sales!"

If you chose to focus on "more of" rather than "lack of," here's another way to look at the situation. With the slowing down of home sales, more homeowners are planning to stay put and fix up their homes. Sounds to me like a great opportunity for businesses that provide home services like window design professionals, interior decorators, painters, etc.

Now take a look at your business and ask yourself, "how can I create new opportunities to grow my business?"

Here are some mindset and sales/marketing tips I've put together to help you thrive during these times.

Mindset tips:
• Stop listening to the doom and gloom. Remember the media has one intention and that is to grab your attention.
• Limit your time spent with those who feed on the drama, negativity, and fear going on.
• Connect with and support like-minded people with empowering and positive thoughts. Make it a point to reach out to at least one person a day.
• Fill your head up with inspirational and spiritual information. You can read books, listen to tapes, or attend seminars.
• Practice, daily, focusing on attracting more of what you want by saying to yourself and writing statements that includes words such as "more money, more business, more clients, and more sales are coming my
• Let's visualize the world transforming. When we come together as a collective force, we can change the world!

Sales and marketing tips:
• Create new low-end products that are affordable to more people.
• Create online information products.
• Offer special themed discounts on your services or products.
• Offer payment plans to make it easier to do business with you.
• Touch base with people who expressed interest in your services.
• Reach out and meet with current clients to see how they're doing and to let them know you're there for them.
• Get out of the office and network! Just connecting and being with people will improve your morale and energize you.
• During these times, more than ever, invest in yourself and your business, so when the tide changes, and it will, you'll be at the top instead of the bottom!

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Rochelle Togo-Figa, The Sales Breakthrough Expert, is the creator of “The Sales Breakthrough System™”, a proven step-by-step process that will help you close more sales, sign on more clients and make more money with ease and velocity. To learn more about Rochelle’s services and to receive a FREE copy of her special report, “43 Ways to Close More Sales”, visit www.SalesBreakthroughs.com.