You can sense Roslyn from out in the carpark. She is a tornado of stress and drama. Her energy whips up a frenzy around her and the more intense the chaos, the more focused she becomes in the eye of the storm. And when she leaves, there is an eerie stillness.

Roslyn's vibrational signature is reckless and violent; it sucks the breath right out of you.

And she's not even aware of it. From her perspective, she is at the control deck riding a turbulent storm. She doesn't realise that she is the one actually generating the maelstrom.

If you're on Roslyn's team, clearly you have a duty to do two things:

1. Avoid fueling the fire: avoid catastrophising, over-reacting, and gossiping.

2. Tell her how her behaviour impacts you and the others.

But what about you? Are you aware of your own vibrational signature? And is it creating the relationships you desire?

We've all got a vibrational signature, whether we realise it or not. We are constantly generating vibrations through our thoughts and feelings, and the predominant patterns set our vibrational imprint, or signature.

I'm always aware that my vibrational signature makes more of an impact than I intend when someone says, "Why are you giving me 'that look'?" Apparently my face reflects my thoughts in a visible way - but not always in a way that is welcoming or supportive. I may have been simply reflecting on what was being said, but the impression is one of judgment. Without being more deliberate, intentions can be mis-read.

So how do you know what kind of impact you're making?

Even when people tell or show you, you won't know for sure how you're being received.

It's better to focus on what you're broadcasting, than worrying about who's dialling in. If people like your vibe, they'll dial in. And this means you get more of what you want - the kind of people you want to hang out with, the kind of clients you want to do business with, the kind of people you want to work with, the kinds of opportunities you want to experience.

Now that's a good reason to pay attention to your vibrational signature.

The most important audience however is you. How you feel about your vibe.

So if I pay attention to how I am feeling as I engage with someone - that I express and feel genuine unconditional positive regard - then I am much less likely to hear 'what was that look all about?' Others will feel my positive regard above whatever facial gymnastics are going on.

The best way to enhance your vibrational signature is to keep it in shape.

Here are three things you can do to boost your vibe:

1. Smile when you wake up. Smile when you look in the mirror. Smile when you drive. Smile before you pick up the phone. Deliberate smiling will definitely add zing to your vibe.

2. Express unconditional love for someone or something that in no way can give you anything material back, such as a baby, pet, or tree. Practise on lots of inanimate objects. See if you can express unconditional love for a slug.

3. When no one's looking, or even if they are, bust out your wildest hottest John Travolta disco move and funk it up.

I guarantee that if you make these three things a regular practice - as regular as brushing your teeth - your vibrational signature will draw people in - like a cat is drawn to the sunny spot on the couch.

With love and appreciation.

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